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Financial Collapse

Fed chair Jerome Powell floats idea of centrally controlled digital currency

Stocks Historically Don’t Bottom Out Until the Fed Eases

Local, Social, and Cultural Destabilization

ALERT - A heat wave that baked much of the central U.S. last week will start to move eastward with dangerously high temperatures

STOP THE LIES AG Garland! America’s Most Significant Threat Is The VIOLENT Left: “Jane’s Revenge” Advertises “Night of Rage”...Calls On Violent Left to “physically express anger”...”We need them to be afraid of us”

Political Corruption

JUST IN - Israel is heading for 5th election in 3 years after coalition agrees to dissolve, hold new elections

Texas Woman Pleads Guilty to 26 Counts of Voter Fraud in ‘Vote-Harvesting’ Operation

Dr. Simone Gold sentenced to PRISON for speaking at U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021

USA Today forced to delete 23 articles after finding out a reporter fabricated sources

Facebook Removes Greitens “RINO Hunter” Campaign Ad.

Biden Tells Reporter: “WE are in the process of making up MY mind” on Removing Tariffs on China [VIDEO]

World War III

Canada announces new Arctic air, missile defenses with US - Insider Paper

BREAKING: NATO chief says Turkey, Finland, Sweden hold ‘constructive’ talks

Israel claims Iran has 18x more enriched uranium than Obama deal allowed

Supply Chain Disruptions

Climate doomers coming to realize that nothing will ever be enough to stop their imaginary climate disaster

BREAKING: Netherlands will lift all restrictions on coal-fired power stations to cope with a drop in gas supplies from Russia

The controlled demolition of FOOD and ENERGY infrastructure is now under way… prepare or get crushed

10,000 Flights Delayed Over Holiday Weekend As Aviation Chaos Concerns White House


American Airlines ending service to three cities due to pilot shortage

10,000 Flights Delayed Over Holiday Weekend As Aviation Chaos Concerns White House

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