RECAP: Ep. 372 | Memorial Day | The Daily Dose

By: Redpill Project

Financial Collapse

U.S. stock futures rise in holiday trade as Shanghai sets reopening plans

A GLIMPSE OF THE NEAR FUTURE: Global collapse may follow pattern of Sri Lanka economic crisis

Memorial Day Air Travelers Hit With Heavy Flight Cancellations

Local, Social and Cultural Destabilization

In Sweden we have a fairly new department called "Swedish Psychological Defense Agency" and it's purpose is to fight against "disinformation".

Greece Blocks 40,000 Migrant Crossings From Turkey

Canada Ordered 500,000 Smallpox Vaccines Just Weeks Ahead Of Monkeypox Outbreak

BREAKING: At Least 16 Injured In Stampede At NY Boxing Match After False Shooter Alarm [VIDEO]

Radical Left-wing Group Plans to Storm D.C. to Stop Roe v. Wade Repeal

OPERATION MASS SHOOTING At Full Throttle Between Now And Election Day

1 Dead, 7 Wounded After Shooting At Memorial Day Festival In Oklahoma

Political Corruption

Emergency Powers Granted to Presidents Are Unconstitutional: Brennan Center for Justice

Canada introduces new legislation to ‘freeze’ handgun purchases

US citizen Stephen James Humberd, in Izyum (now liberated by the Russian army):

"I presumed the Russians were bombing Izyum. I couldn't imagine the Ukrainian army bombing their own people. I learned later the Ukrainian army had done it, for propaganda reasons..."

Republicans launch counteroffensive against latest woke corporate push: ESG investing

Widespread election fraud uncovered in Berlin

“This Country Has a Mental Health Problem Disguised as a Gun Problem” Joe Rogan

Nancy Pelosi’s husband arrested for DUI, report says

World War III

Number of Soldiers Booted for Vaccine Refusal Doubled from Last Month

REVEALED: Fauci’s Recent, $10M Monkeypox Grant.

Kremlin Makes Announcement Amid Rumors on Putin’s Health

Supply Chain Disruptions

5 Reasons Why The Food Supply In The United States Is Going To Continue To Shrink


Rolling blackouts to affect over a billion people as energy crisis worsens

The Great Reset

Dutch Politician Warns: 'World Health Organization is Engineering the Great Reset' (Video)

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