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Media and Ministry of Truth

Minister of Truth Nina Jankowicz: Liberals Censored on Social Media More Often Than Conservatives

Biden Disinformation Board Likely Illegal: Sen. Hagerty

ABC’s Hostin Defends Protests at SCOTUS Justice Homes: I’m ‘Shocked’ They Want Privacy

The new Star Trek show depicts what appears to be the January 6 protest


If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya

2000 Mules & Election Related News

In Less Than 12 Hours “2000 Mules” on Stolen 2020 Election Grosses More than a Million on Locals and Rumble

Wisconsin Election Commission Takes Down Voter Roll List and Voting History of 7.2 Million Voters After Release of “2000 Mules” Documentary

Election Integrity Watchdog Sues Minnesota Over Refusal to Clean Up Its Voter Roll

Woke Companies

Target Launches ‘Gender Affirming’ Products Including Chest Binders And ‘Packing Underwear

18 US Code 1507

Intereference with administration of justice

Left Calls For Violence

Nolte: Reporter Calls for Violence Against Pro-Life Groups

SOUND CHECK! Who is going to make EVERY Republican pay if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade?

The Security Company that allowed the Dave Chappelle attack was the same company that worked Astroworld & the 2017 Vegas Shooting…


Antifa Activists Planning to Go to Justice Alito’s Home on Monday Evening

Biden Crime Family & Admin

Report: Hunter Biden Hires Hollywood Attorney for Legal Work, Financial Backing

While Biden Works to Take Away Your Guns, They’re Building a Domestic Army within the Exec Branch

Capitol Dems want to boost Biden's proposed $33B Ukraine package to near $40 Billion;

BREAKING: Biden signs Lend-Lease ACT to speed up US weapons deliveries to Ukraine

NOW - Biden: "My top priority is fighting inflation."

Supply Chain

Walgreens begins rationing baby formula amid worsening supply chain crunch, forcing new parents to scramble


New DOJ Notes Reveal FBI Panic After Trump Tweeted He Knew He Was Being Spied On


Trump just responded to 60 Minutes. Gotta read to the end.

Russia / Ukraine

Ukrainians being taken ‘against their will’ into Russia: Pentagon

"The European Commission is planning to issue new EU debt to cover Ukraine’s short-term financing needs…”

Media head fake: Western press virtually silent about fact that Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy was offered peace deal but refused


(Video) An Irish politician has called for the seizure of property to house Ukrainian refugees: "The acquisition, taking control or seizing property either by agreement or compulsory measures by the state."


Prince Charles to stand in for Queen at UK parliament opening


(Video) Protesters burn cars, set bank on fire in Paris over police brutality bill.


Philippine dictator’s son wins landslide presidential victory

North Korea

US requests emergency UN Security Council meeting for Wednesday on North Korea


China to restrict minors from live streaming


James Webb Space Telescope’s first full color, scientific images coming in July

Space Telescope in Home Stretch of Tests, Early Pics Impress