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Elon Musk

I fear Elon Musk could undermine the ideological diversity, equity and inclusion at Twitter which currently maintains a careful balance of 98.7% for one side.

Per aspera ad astra! (Latin: "through hardships to the stars")

“Elon is the Singular Solution I Trust” — Jack Dorsey Praises Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover


“Suspending the Twitter account of a major news organization for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate”...

Truth Social is top free app, with Twitter second on iOS Apps store

Woke Libs

What a liberal brainwashed cunt.

And this right here is the problem with the left.

Wait a minute, this is called projection because this is literally what they have done to Conservatives since 2018.

Amazon leadership held a session for employees dealing with the “trauma” of Matt Walsh’s book becoming a best seller and dealing with his trolling.

Libs of TikTok: Cry more Taylor! You actually discredited yourself all on your own

Joe Rogan says his podcast, the 'Joe Rogan Experience,' gained 2 million subscribers after the Spotify controversy, despite Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and other musicians pulling their music off the platform.

holy shit its real

Twitter's Top Lawyer Breaks Down In Tears During Musk Takeover Meeting

Audio from internal Twitter meeting leaked by Project Veritas

Biden Administration

Biden exercises clemency powers for first time in his presidency

Schumer Says the “Only Way” to Reduce Inflation Caused by Biden and Democrats is to Raise Taxes on Americans (VIDEO)

Big Tech Censored Biden Criticism 646 Times Over 2 Years: Report

Hunter Biden Investigation

Attorney General: No Interference Allowed in Hunter Biden Investigation

EXCLUSIVE: Joe's missing millions! Financial records reveal Biden had $5.2million in unexplained income - as emails show he paid Hunter's legal bills for one megabucks Chinese deal and was tapped as 'big guy' to get a 10% cut in another


Durham Drops Bomb: Lying Adam Schiff Was Involved in Russia Collusion Sham Way Back in July 2016


🚨 MUST READ: Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations

NEW STUDY ties VAX TO all the symptoms we have seen of adverse reactions

Remdesivir approved for young children.

The COVID Vaccine is a bioweapon meant for human depopulation and control.

US VP Kamala Harris tests positive for Covid



NEW 🚨 US won’t rule out military action if China establishes base in Solomon Islands, The Guardian reports

Food scarcity alarm bells ringing in CHINA as farmers face a collapse of fertilizer availability


NEW - Putin meets UN Sec. General António Guterres in Kremlin, sits with him on a long table

Russian official claims U.S. preparing WMD false flag to justify direct intervention in Ukraine war

White Helmets Instructors Deployed to Ukraine, Moscow Claims

Ron Paul: The Ukraine War Is A Racket


WEF’s “Class of 2021” exposed: Klaus Schwab’s effort to remake globe in authoritarian image continue


UN warns mankind will face increasingly regular disasters such as pandemics or extreme weather events - and we are to blame