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(Video) Elon Musk Today During Ted2022 On Why He Is Offering to Buy Twitter


Elon on Free Speech

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter (Link to Substack)

Will Elon in vest in $DESO

Saudi Prince rejects Elon’s offer

Elon, “It would be utterly indefensible not to put this offer to a shareholder vote. They own the company, not the board of directors.”

BREAKING: Elon Musk no longer Twitter's largest shareholder after SEC filings reveal Vanguard now owns 82.4 million shares (10.3%).

PTSD counseling for Twitter employees

(Funny Video) Liberals Melt Down After Musk Offers To Purchase Twitter

Twitter’s Blue Checkmark Brigade Freaks Out over Elon Musk’s Buyout Plan

Blackrock and Vanguard just purchased more stock in Twitter


Amazon CEO Selling NFT’s

$2,121,987,000,000: Federal Tax Collections Set Record Through March

Mystery surrounds cold-blooded execution of Microsoft exec who was shot dead in front of his two-year-old daughter when he got out of car to move tire from middle of road in affluent Florida neighborhood


Trump-Appointed Prosecutor David Weiss Weighs Hunter Biden Indictment

Justice Dept. faces allegations of First Amendment free speech, press violations in Project Veritas case

US Lacks Capability to Counter China’s IP Theft, Anti-Competitive Behavior: Expert

(Video) NOW - Biden inspects dog robot: "It's not to replace people."

Biden’s sister Valerie on Hunter Laptop (Thinks Hunter is smart enough to get job on his own)

Professor Biden on his teaching gig at U. of Penn

Feinstein no longer fit for Congress

RNC Votes to Withdraw from Commission on Presidential debates

2 hurt in Haven gas plant explosion


Western Globalism and WWIII

Global Firestorm Event

China defends stance on Russia after US criticism

China and their oppressive Regime

Nato-allied country exposed for running biological weapons programs in Ukraine

US Intelligence Agent liquidated

The Great Reset: We have 8 months


New iPhone app Mezy changes how the world sends messages - Appcraver


The BITE Model of Cult Mind Control Explained

Snake venom company Venomtech announces partnership with Charles River Laboratories, which ran Fauci’s “secret island” of medical experiments on monkeys and beagles

Inflamation is easy to get rid of


“In every possibility of a mind

May you travel, yet not blind.

As a head filled with imagination,

Goes a heart full of gold creation,

It's never late to have a dream.

Nor is it so far away as it seems,

And, like a rearview mirror reveals,

Thus a fantasy soon becomes real.

It may be closer than it appears.

Or at least it will show up clear.

Never give up a dream for fear!”

Ana Claudia Antunes, ACross Tic