RECAP: Dose Episode 258 | Special Guest Hannah Menshouse | Time To Save Humanity

Part 1: Guest Hannah Menshouse

Josh and Jason were joined by Hannah Menshouse a 22-year-old student from the University of Kentucky, and host of The Red Patriot Show. Hannah comes from a conservative Christian family who always has an open mind. When Covid came into the scene she began questioning it from the beginning.

During Trump's second term when the coup occurred, Hannah could see it unfold plain as day, especially as the polls were closed and the fraudulent votes came in overnight.

Hannah realized this goes deep and felt the need to start her show for the younger generation would have somebody to follow and look at the facts with.

Hannah explained her experiences being homeschooled and now her experiences in college in these trying times and what she's experiencing. From apparent medical discrimination to fear from conservatives speaking out. When Hannah started her show she went in just hoping to at least reach one person and help them learn something they didn't know they didn't know.

Part II: News and Show-Notes

Josh and Jason talk about their view that most people are conservative after looking at everything turning red. Josh points out the need to starve the beast in order to take back control. Jason continues by pointing out both sides are corrupt and we see issues on both sides that need to be cleaned up.

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