RECAP: Daily Dose Episode 257 | Special Guest Dr. Mark Sherwood | Treason Doesn't Pay Well

PART 1: Interview with Dr. Mark Sherwood

Dr. Mark Sherwood talked with Josh about what a patriot is. He described it as people who express gratitude for the blessings God has provided and show their love for their country. Mark Sherwood believes that taking care of yourself is a key component of patriotism in a way because honoring everything God gave us is a key component of patriotism.

Dr. Sherwood has taken it upon himself to not only bring health to thousands alongside his wife but also he is running for Governor of Oklahoma where he sees the need for strong, moral leadership.

Mindset is a factor many disregard when looking at health, Sherwood understands that focusing on what's wrong is contrary to health. Diagnosis can become an excuse for people mentally to decide they can't have health. Taking a positive approach to finding what's right is a powerful tool Sherwood utilizes. Sherwood believes we are healing machines but just need the right food and habits. He points out, "Food is medicine, medicine is food."

Other health topics covered in this interview:

  • Constitution

  • Psychology

  • Chronic sickness in people and government

  • Physical, emotional, spiritual health

  • Masks

  • Immune System

  • Genetically Modified Foods

  • Mandates

PART II: News and Show-Notes

War Drums Beating:


Health & Politics:

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