RECAP: Daily Dose Episode 244 | Medical Tyranny or Freedom?

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Part I: Interview- Dr. Stella Immanuel

Dr. Stella Immanuel went to medical school in West Africa and Nigeria and had her residency training in New York. There, she learned how to take care of patients with malaria and was familiar with the common medicines used on a widely accepted weekly regimen in her community.

When Covid began, she owned her medical practice in Texas. At first, it was terrifying as Covid started and nobody was confident of what to expect in the future. She heard that Hydroxyqlorequine was being used abroad and being familiar with it found out that it was highly effective in preventing and treating her patients. She was excited after 10-20 patients' Success stories so took to Facebook to share her findings. She was eventually kicked out of the group which comprised of mostly doctors and was censored.

By the time it was May 2020, more and more patients were beginning to come in. She realized this is not a science battle... After all, she has at this point seen hundreds of people relating to covid and was familiar with other doctors' results from utilizing the same methods only to be attacked by the media, and facing strong resistance still.

Her fear was ultimately broken and she felt the urge to stand her ground for what was right and logical. She was discredited and attacked relentlessly but never backed down from the truth.

We asked Dr. Stella Immanuel what the most pertinent thing for her to share is. She told us that regarding health she found that it is paramount to get preventative treatment or early treatment for illnesses like COVID. This is because hydroxychloroquine and other treatments are most effective as preventative although can be used after the fact as well. Unfortunately, once you are extremely sick, starting a regimen has less success than if you had taken preventative steps or gotten treated with the proper methods early. Visit your Dr. for health advice.

Dr. Immanuel's book "Let America Live! Exposing the hidden agenda behind the 2020 pandemic" details the media's silencing and opposition to those against the Left's agenda. It was written to encourage people to be confident in standing strong for their beliefs when it comes to health, faith, and personal life decisions.

Part II: News & Show-Notes





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