RECAP: Daily Dose Episode 227 | Special Guest Salleigh Grubbs, GOP Chair Cobb County

Special guest Salleigh Grubbs GOP Chair of Cobb County joined Joshua Reid and Jason Reid. She won by an overwhelming majority of almost 65% of the votes in her community.

She was so concerned about all of the shredding taking place after the Nov. 3rd election that she took action by following one of the many shredding trucks during the "big lie" to determine what it's destination was and had notified the FBI and police.

When it comes to voter fraud evidence there are still currently two cases ongoing that she hopes bring justice to the situation. She is not personally a party in these litigation. On top of that we are expecting the audit results from the Arizona audit within days, which is suspected to have a major impact and contain damning information confirming what everybody knew during election night when the counting stopped after Taliban Joe Biden had no chance of winning statistically speaking.

In Cobb County Salleigh Grubbs has a strong team that has a familial relationship and work hard. For their district race they got voters registered, held meet and greets, and provided informational literature, relying on grass-roots strategies to keep people informed.

Jason said, "Nobody really comes out and says, 'so this is what you need to do....' Is there anything we can as US citizens that obviously isn't violent that we can do to help change things? Selleigh Grubbs said people need to understand and get involved with local government. "You've got to know what your school boards are doing. You've got to know what your commissioners, your county officials are doing. If you live in a city, you need to know what your city council and mayor is doing. You systematically look at all of your house officials. You've got to get involved."



We all have the same questions for the near future:

  • Will the Arizona audit results lead to decertification?

  • Will more elected officials begin upholding the United States Constitution?

  • Will Arizona's findings lead to justice in other states like Georgia?


Jason reported on a Tiktok video that has been censored since. In that video man's son in the military contacted his father saying something along the lines of, "Dad, understand we in the military took an oath to protect the people of the United States from domestic terrorists. We are going to protect the American citizens in the next upcoming 10 days of darkness." Like anything on the internet this could be BS but it is curious as to why it was censored.

Josh unraveled and interpreted some of today's events for the second half of the show:

Follow the pen:

  • 42:00 minutes into the show Josh lays out part of a theory. What did Trump do? Sessions? Obama? Thousand talents program. Clinton. Military Industrial Complex. Fauci. Gain of function research. Wuhan. NIH. Event 201.

  • Breaking: Anonymous Medical Director of a hospital: 42% of people treated with remdesivir: death rate 20% of everyone requiring intensive care. March 2020 - Dec 2020: only a handful of SARS cases only a handful of cases confirmed. treated wtih HCQ and Ivermectin. nearly 0 deaths;

  • Afghanistan, Burizma, Biden, OPEC, China, NWO, Global Cabal Theory.

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