RECAP: Daily Dose Episode 216 | Guest Host Sean Morgan - America The Beautiful

8/30/2021 - Today's guest Sean Morgan of the Sean Morgan Report is a true patriot and a seeker of truth. Sean has dove deep into what Q is and went viral once he began to broadcast his findings more than a year ago. During this interview Josh and Sean express their views and interpretations of Q. One major take-away for Sean from his research was the light that was shed on the type of unique war we are in. A war that utilizes unconventional means of control instead of 'traditional' kinetic warfare for example.

Sean and others are currently showing some interest in the Devolution theory and plan on creating a video series in the near future. I asked Sean, "What is Devolution at a basic fundamental level?" to which he explained,

Power can be decentralized away from a centralized command or authority. In this case we're talking about how President Trump knew that the election was going to be stolen, and so he created contingency plans so that the military command would be re-routed or could circumvent Biden and the Secretary of Defense."

Topic covered:

  • Taliban Joe's terrible legacy and belligerent occupation

  • Statistical impossibilities in the election and audits.

  • Military involvement / intervention

  • Patriot movement

  • Public consciousness and perception

  • Audits or constitutional convention?

  • Corrupt government

  • Censorship

  • Power

  • Delegitimization of election fraud and audits due to fake information

  • Gears shift to election fraud by the left after a red wave occurs

  • Is there a plan?

  • Tyranny

  • Europe

  • Disquietude and civil disobedience


  • Invisible Enemy

  • Depopulation agenda

  • Vaccines

  • Hunter Biden's Laptop - Is it going to be released?

  • Economy / inflation

  • Preparations

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