RECAP: Daily Dose Episode 213 | Guest Dr. Jen VanDeWater - America's Frontline Doctors

8/24/2021: Dr. Jen VanDeWater from America's Frontline Doctors joined Joshua Reid and Vince Tagliavia to discuss what's happening in the world right now. She offered the perspective of somebody in the medical community. With everything on the surface appearing one way and any evaluation leading down various rabbit holes it was a breath of fresh air to hear what she had to say.

Josh asked Dr. Jen VanDeWater what her thoughts were on all of the mandates and requirements revolving around the vaccines that we're seeing around the world and even in the United States. She said, "We're losing our freedoms and I think it's all a cover for control. It's to push fear into people so we start to lose more freedoms. If we don't stop here what do we lose next? This is just a tool for fascism and we need to stand up against it."


On vaccine mandates and on how people should be given the vaccine Dr. VanDeWater said,

"I want people to have choice. If they want it or they do not want it, but I want them to have information to make the right choice. That's the number one thing. There's no informed consent." Dr. Jen VanDewater

Vitimin D by Dr Jen VanDeWater

A STEP BACK IN TIME: 1918 vs. 2020

The Time To Be Angry is Now: by Dr. Steve LaTulippe

Here are the topics covered during this enlightening discussion:

  • CDC dictating policy to doctors: Is this normal?

  • The real profession of medicine

  • Governors don't have the right to dictate law

  • Lack of legal authority of mandates

  • Forced medical jabs

  • Pushing back: Legal exemptions: Medical Exemptions: Just saying NO!

  • "We the people"

  • Constitutional Rights

  • Dangers of masks

"In the Bible it says, "You shall not veil your face before the lord." So i carry that strongly." Dr. VanDeWater
  • Missing information: Blank vaccine inserts

  • VAERS Database; altered data?

  • Swine flu comparison

  • Medications approved by FDA only to be removed later

  • FDA reputation

  • Immunosuppressants

  • Spike protein is pathogenic

  • Informed consent

  • unvaccinated vs vaccinated: Who's getting sick?

  • This jab isn't a vaccine

  • Data: why is it so tough to get to the bottom of it all?

  • Delta Variant

  • PCR tests skewed data by utilizing cycles

  • Early treatment: Preventative medicines

  • Is an EUA an FDA Approval?

  • Available medications

  • The power of the people

  • 10th amendment

  • How to curve Tyranny

  • Deviation from spiritual belief

Josh read my mind at the conclusion of the interview when he thanked Dr. Jen VanDeWater,,

"Thank you so much for joining us tonight.", "I think we're all thankful that there's people like you in the world, because you're highly knowledgeable on this, you're a medical professional, and you're just a strong human being who is fighting for their freedom. A role model for us all."

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