RECAP: Ep. 395 | False Flag Inbound, Chaos Ensues | The Daily Dose

Updated: Jul 21

Financial Collapse

This week in finance: CPI data Wednesday, earnings week. Energy chaos in Europe, dollar struggling, China restrictions shake market.

US oil futures end below $100/barrel on recession fears

Local, Social, and Cultural Destabilization

Inspector general: 'DHS could do more to address threats of domestic terrorism'

Political Corruption

Biden Says He’s ‘Determined’ to Renew ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Biden says guns turning US neighborhoods into ‘killing fields’

World War III

NYC Emergency Management shared a video today outlining the "important steps for New Yorkers to follow if a nuclear attack occurs."

(original youtube channel / video

Putin Signs Decree Offering Citizenship To All Ukrainians

UK government collapses as Boris Johnson resigns; push for proxy war in Ukraine suspected

Supply Chain Disruptions

Costco starts limiting GASOLINE sales in New Jersey as supply shortages worsen


Trudeau's nitrogen policy will decimate Canadian farming - The Counter Signal

The Great Reset

World population to hit 8 billion this year: UN

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