Redpill Daily Dose Episode 203 | Prepare For The Storm

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

"Ignorance is the way that we falter. Ignorance is the weapon of the enemy." Joshua Reid

On August 5th, 2021 Joshua Reid, Jason Reid and RightsideBaddie covered a plethora of current events and notable circumstances happening now in this global conspiracy. Whether you are on one side of the isle or the other, it seems everybody agrees, something is happening, and it isn't desirable.

During the discussion Jason said, "Some days I feel this is all just for show. This isn't how the deep state operates, you know, they're slow and methodical, they want slow progressive changes right? They don't go and do things really fast. So you start to see all of these things they're doing now and it's so blatantly obvious, at least to us..." RightsideBaddie concurred although it is usually a slow progression it seems to be accelerated after Donald Trump began to run for office. Hillary Clinton's plan appeared to be thwarted and there had to be a change of plans.

Josh goes into the approximately 150 more or less people who run the world. A small fraction of them have acquired the most wealth but everybody plays a part. He doesn't believe they're all truly evil and perhaps Trump was a head of the Hydra that had different plans. A lot of their plan has been delayed significantly. Josh mentioned, "Do you guys remember, the new world order was supposed to take place in 2000? You know, this is 20 years delayed." He goes on to say, "It's the global match of chess going back and forth, and I do believe there are good players and bad players, and I think Trump was an interjection of a good player who was meant to either stall or give them enough time, but either way, we know right now they are behind schedule and they are moving fast in order to make up time."


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10 STAGES OF GENOCIDE - We are at 7.

The 10 stages of genocide was developed by historian Gregory Stanton, President of Genocide Watch. Josh explains how Covid and various other factors fit into these stages of genocide in a uncanny way. Josh says it appears we are in stage 7-8. The next stages or persecution, extermination, then denial. He says, "Be ready, and be serious." Josh insists it's time to wake up and points out the absurdity of anybody who has been deceived and believes the mainstream media like CNN is reliable at all.


What else was covered?

The What the Fuck Study

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