Pandemic Resurgence: Covid Part II

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

(Decentralized Media) There are some interesting things occurring in the world right now. We see an upheaval from many third world countries citizens, fighting back and taking to their streets screaming the word "freedom" in their natives languages as if a call out to their American brethren to wake up and join their ranks.

At the same times we have small victories here in the United States, the Arizona Election Audit team released their preliminary findings in a live stream session to the world this week. In this live stream and Senate Session, it was announced that major discrepancies were found in the early parts of their audit, although they could not peer much further into the potential election disaster due to the resistance of Maricopa County officials and the AZ Democrats.

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers took to Twittler immediately after and expressed her disgust with the lack of accountability of county officials and the preliminary findings calling for a state decertification of the 2020 Presidential Election electors. In the Tweet she states

I have heard enough. With the tens of thousands of ballots mailed without being requested, the over ten thousand people who voted after registering after November 3rd, the failure of Maricopa to turn over the 40% machines, the passwords that Dominion still refuses to turn over, & tens of thousands of unauthorized queries demonstrating how insecure the election was, I call for the Biden electors to be recalled to Arizona & a new election must be conducted. Arizona’s electors must not be awarded fraudulently & we need to get this right.

On the same note, President Donald Trump's team issued a statement pertaining to the findings of Garland Favorito and the highly respected VoterGA. They discovered through the states own records that the hand recount was wrong and off by a mere 60%. Small numbers, I know, not even for the Secretary of State or Governor to take it seriously.

Garland and his team found major discrepancies within Fulton County that were riddled with statistical impossibilities, this is on top of the 35,000 illegal votes found in the state and the over 100,000 obsolete voter registrations and dead voters, that were coincidently deleted after the election.

Read The Letter Here

Read the Federalist article here.

Watch the video of duplicate ballots here.

As we move forth with this battle on the digital playing field and begin to unveil the highest levels of corruption and deceit that have occurred in our country, we also see the globalist positioning themselves for a retaliatory strike, against any information that could potentially awaken the masses and shake the core of their illegitimate power structure.

We know that over the past 6 months the Biden Administration and Governments around the world have been implementing the policies and standardization of the World Economic Forum and Agenda 2030. We know that they have been hijacking the economic system, infrastructure and power grids and bringing in policy to seize property under the guise of "climate change", "equity" and "inclusion".

It is no surprise that today we begin to see the resurgence of the Covid pandemic.

Sprung out of the darkness of Anthony Fauci's gain of function research and backed by private NGO's and the Peoples Liberation Army, Covid once again will return to the scene just as it did immediately after the World Economic Forums Event 201 in October of 2019, which in a mere coincidence, mimicked the same pandemic situation, with the same type of coronavirus, that spread in an Eastern Asia meat market from bats.... seriously, you cannot make this up.

Right after the Arizona Audit Update headlines around the world were gleaming with

"COVID-19 cases more than double in 2 weeks due to delta variant"
"WHO Warns - Pandemic is nowhere near finished"

The World Health Organization, who, through our own research here at the Redpill Project was found to be complicit in the original gain of function research on COVID through NGO partners like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their lesser known supportive foundation GAVI, have announced a "strong likelihood" of new possibly more dangerous variants of concern "that may be even more challenging to control".

The delta variant, as well as all newer variants that are crawling out of the depths of hell of media propaganda and disinformation are most likely the onset effects of Covid Vaccinations and vaccine shedding. It was not a surprise to learn that a UK study found that the delta variant was infecting a 6 to 1 vaccinated to unvaccinated ratio. As we pointed out many times, there is a direct correlation between mass vaccinated populations and the spreading of the so called "deadly variants". Notice below, the mass rollout of vaccinations in India in the later part of March and early weeks of April 2021. Then coincidently later weeks of April and May, approximately 2 weeks as we were tracking on our show, we have the massive "spike", no pun intended of the Covid cases.

In another article from Chris Melore at we see that many recovering Covid patients are seeing extended symptoms called "long hauler" symptoms that include brain fog, hallucinations, tremors and bladder issues, all which indicate a crossing of the brain blood barrier by the virus and severe neurological damage. In one study there was found to be over 85% of respondents that experienced "Memory and cognitive dysfunction". This was not specific to age or gender, but simply whether or not you had Covid prior.

These two examples show us that even though the original virus might now be gone and herd immunity established, we are seeing a potential bioweapon that will have major ramifications through the next decade. Stemming from the mass vaccinations of the human populace and the engineered attack on a immuno-compromised victims neurological system, Covid is the bioweapon that keeps those who created in a system of perpetual control, as long as they continue to control the information.

We can see the next steps. The formulation of National Medical Emergencies as the rate of Covid cases increase due to mass vaccinations, FEMA directed disaster zones setup for those that are dissenters of the propagated narrative, Covid sniffing K-9s that are as reliable as a PCR test and anyone who the Biden Administration deems a threat through social media, a potential candidate for interment detention.

It is safe to say we are at a crossroads and closely coming to the precipice. At time when a decision will need to be made. It seems the globalists and their petty agenda for world domination will stop at nothing to implement their feudal system.

With more good news coming out in the days and weeks to come, expect the globalist to play the information warfare game as well. Know that they will stop at nothing. That a false flag to them is nothing more than a sacrifice to their false gods.

What Can We Do...

Get involved. Run for local office. Support and back a local candidate who has the spark of life and understanding of God. Join us, whether on our social platforms or within our live streams. Get the word and spread it far and wide. In the next week we will be launching "Unite Communities" which will stand as a singular point to begin the tough process of mending back the trust within the fences between you and your neighbors. As soon as it launches, we will send out the invite to get you all involved. We also have the project run by our Investigative Journalist Rightside Baddie where we will be doing a contest for filling out a form to request a audit of your states election. Keep an eye out for that coming in the next few days.

Begin the process of preparation. Have a little extra food in the pantry. Have a gas can full. Check your supplies and always have a plan in case something major happens in the world and the grocery store shelves are empty. Know your neighbors, know who would need help and assistance if the power went out. Find support in your community, be the guidance for your family.

Out of everything we can do right now, the most important things are to trust each other, stay united within our community and keep our faith in God. If there was ever a point in history when we could say that this is the "Calm Before The Storm", I do believe this is it.

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