NFL Star Lamar Jackson criticized by mainstream media for not taking experimental injections

Updated: Mar 29

Lamar Jackson, quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, comes off as a determined individual who simply wants to focus on performing at his peek with his team and seems to keep his eyes on the prize. Unfortunately, he finds himself under the scrutiny of others who concern themselves about what he says he feels is a personal decision; to take an experimental jab. The NFL reported last week that 90 percent of players have had at least one experimental shot.

After testing positive for COVID-19 for the second time since he tested positive last season, the media has asked Jackson for explanations revolving around not being "vaccinated" with the MRNA experiment.

The push by some people for everybody to get vaccinated is alarming considering there is data from the CDC indicating 3/4 of individuals being sickly yet vaccinated, not to mention the vast list of other concerns many have with the lack of FDA approval and no conclusive data indicating long term side-effects. The reason Jackson continues to become sick could be from the vaccine shedding of the spike protein producing individuals around him. Taking the time to understand the fundamentals of how vaccines and experimental MRNA injections operate makes this apparent to me.

The risk certainly seems worse than the cure, especially for young and healthy individuals, and there are many unknowns. I'm not surprised some people are pushing back on the unethical pressure put forth by mockingbird media which is then parroted by those gullible in society. Maybe Jackson knows the dangers because he indicated that he is learning as much as he can about it and going from there and when asked if he considered taking the shot he said, "We'll see. Talking to the doctors. We'll see."

It's no wonder that during the 2020, The Super Bowl saw its lowest number of viewers for the game since 2006 according to this Nielsen report. Personally, I will continue to boycott sports broadcasts as it brings me no value and I disagree with their politically driven theater.


Bryson Dechambeau, a 27-year-old golfer is also accused of being ignorant in articles published after he said, "“The vaccine doesn’t necessarily prevent it from happening. I’m young enough, I’d rather give it (the vaccine) to people who need it” DeChambeau said. “I don’t need it. I’m a healthy, young individual that will continue to work on my health.”

We see a push across the board for people to succumb to these experimental vaccines contrary to what their informed decisions on the matter may be. At some point we are likely to see countless individuals from companies, schools, government agencies, sports organizations, and the armed forces unite in their right to make their own informed medical decisions.

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