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Updated: May 20

Author: Joshua Reid, Founder Redpill Project


Don't forget that in January 2022 a van carrying monkey's crashed. The first person on the scene had symptoms of an illness similar to smallpox. The are only slight differences between smallpox and monkeypox. The monkeys were heading to a lab in Missouri, apparently a Merck lab. It was also the Merck lab in Pennsylvania that had the viles of smallpox found, which it was illegal and impossible for them to have the smallpox viles since smallpox is a level 4 controlled virus and only two known biolabs on the planet hold samples, the US and Russia.

"A batch of vials labeled "smallpox," a deadly disease eradicated since the 1970s, was found in a freezer and immediately quarantined, the Centers for Disease Control told NBC10. An investigation into why they were there is underway."

Merck by the way is one of the founders of the Wellcome Fund, which funded the above Global Exercise and Merck was the pharmaceutical company that took part in the exercise. Coincidence?

Could we have seen a genetically altered virus mixed with Monkeypox and Smallpox that is now being released?





We live in interesting times and with that being said, we can always expect incredible coincidences to occur. Although from my line of thought there are no such things as coincidence.

Recently, there has been many accounts of outbreaks from the rare Monkeypox virus. Immediately we began to see the trendline that this potentially could be another incident of bio-terrorism that we all have been expecting. I have outlined the Global Firestorm Event multiple times, in this scenario we show that the globalists and deep state will use the guise of another virus, genetically modified to wreak havoc on the planet and begin the so-called lead up to a "black swan" event that will bring about the Great Reset. Monkeypox itself is not a very contagious illness, but given the current state of affairs in the world with many of the population vaccinated with a mRNA vaccine that is known to destroy the immune system, it is safe to say that any virus at this point could be the straw that killed the camels back.

In the advent of the Coronavirus, we saw that the organizers of this horrific psychological warfare and bio-warfare campaign utilized a global exercise as a precursor to the actual outbreak. This exercise, known as Event 201 was arraanged around the idea that a novel coronavirus mutated and became infectious to humans. That in a wet market in South America, a bat had spread this to a human and caused a global pandemic, of which countries around the world collaborated to develop a mRNA Vaccine to destroy the virus before a massive loss of life occurred. Just a month later after this exercise which was funded by the World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and John Hopkins University, the actual scenario unfolded in the real world, starting in a wet market in China and spreading across the globe. As for the speculation and details, we do not need to go into much more than this, many who read this know the timeline and how this even unfolds and the truths that were later realized. For instance...

  1. The virus was not naturally occurring but instead created in a lab.

  2. The virus was propagated by the media as being worse than it actually was (akin to the flu).

  3. Fear and Scare tactics were used to sway the world population into heavy restrictions on rights and freedoms.

  4. Governments overreached their powers

  5. Many lies within the academic medical community were disseminated and the actual truth of the virus was covered up.

  6. The vaccine that derived from the virus was a "leaky" vaccine and has caused millions of deaths worldwide and millions of more adverse reactions.

  7. The vaccine to this date is being covered up by a global establishment.

We have all anticipated another virus outbreak at some point. I have mentioned multiple times that this time frame would be before the 2022 Midterm Elections in the United States. The reason being, is that a new virus or variant gives the government the ability to initiate new levels of restrictions on freedoms as well, begin the death blow to the global economy ushering in the Great Reset.

Would it surprise you if there was actually a Global Exercise about Monkeypox?

Would it surprise you if this Global Exercise was funded by people who are closely associated with the Chatham House, World Economic Forum, Wellcome Fund, GAVI and Big Pharma?

Kim Dotcom Tweeted this earlier and so we began our investigation.

This Global Exercise from 2021 maps out a breakout of an unusual strain of Monkeypox in a fictional country of Brinia.

As from their own words....

"The scenario reveals that the initial outbreak was caused by a terrorist attack using a pathogen engineered in a laboratory with inadequate biosafety and biosecurity provisions and weak oversight. The exercise scenario concludes with more than three billion cases and 270 million fatalities globally"

Where have we heard this story before?

An engineered bioweapon from a laboratory... possibly from "Russia"?

I have warned the the globalist are in a proxy war with Russia and need some high level event to happen in order for NATO and Western Nations to get involved. We have said this high level event would be reminiscent of a radiological, biological or chemical weapons attack on NATO countries.


Well, here we go. I am assuming that as soon as this outbreak begins to take a major role in the mainstream news narrative it will eventually be blamed on Russia and utilized as a catalyze to initiate a war. The United States has already shown their hand in a preparatory manner by purchasing over 13 Million dose of the Monkeypox vaccine. So what are the indicators that this new virus was created by the globalists and is now being used as a catalyze to usher in the Great Reset?

First let's look at the evidence of the exercise. The scenario design summary is below. It claims in the scenario that the "attack" begins on May 15th 2022. As of right now, 5/20/22 the first articles that appear to mention outbreaks of Monkeypox began on May 12th, only 2 days after the fictitious exercises start date... what a coincidence!

Next, we need to look at the actors involved. Interestingly enough, the Wellcome Trust has been in our sights recently. This is a foundation funded by Merck, Big Pharma and the World Economic Forum, it also has close tied to the sinister Travistock Clinics utilized by the CIA for MKUltra.

Among these names are the usual players but many people and institutions that are closely related and funded by Big Pharma, The World Economic Forum and the Globalist NGO's. The company that performed this global exercise, NTI, was co-founded by known eugenicist and Georgia Guide Stones creator Ted Turner. He currently sits on the Board of Directors.

With all of this information and more pouring in I think it is safe to say that we are on the verge of the Firestorm Event. That the Great Reset is right around the corner and the globalist are beginning their attack run against humanity in one final battle for domination over the planet. As predicted, the Monkeypox virus has the potential to become a incredibly deadly bioweapon to those that have compromised immune systems due to anti-body dependent enhancements. I hope we are wrong and this just fizzles out, but you can never be too prepared especially in this day and age.


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