Meet the activists running the Joe Rogan, Spotify smear campaign

By: Andrea Kreft

Yesterday on the Glenn Beck show, Glenn covers the Joe Rogan, Spotify Ambush and the far left activists that are running the narrative to discredit podcasters, along with the Whoopi Goldberg, Holocaust fiasco.

The mainstream media has lost complete control of the narrative and they know it, so they are now on the defensive. They are going to go scorched earth to regain control of the population. They can not afford to have people hearing the truth, or deciding on the facts for themselves.

In order to understand what's happening, you have to understand what the media is doing and how they are spinning things. To discredit Joe Rogan and the medical doctors that he's interviewed, the media has come out with an assault campaign designed to deceive and confuse the audience.

Glenn states in his interview that

there was a journalist who wanted to prove what we all knew. This isn't real, it's all AstroTurf.

Jordan Schachtel looked into the background of this smear campaign. He found that this group of medical professionals was actually nothing more than a group of academics and left wing activists that are posing as medical professionals. Glenn goes on to say

The vast majority of doctors, are not medical doctors, they're PHD's. They're purveyors of misinformation themselves.

If you really look into the people who are associated with and running this group you find that it's coming from the Rockefeller foundation and Dr. Kat, funded by Mark Zuckerberg. Dr. Kat's isn't an actual medical doctor. She does have a PHD, and she's an adjunct assistant professor in Illinois who has done a lot of work with Abby Richards. Abby Richards is a "Misinformation Researcher", or in other terms a consultant with Media Matters, who has launched other smear campaigns such as the one used to try and cancel Tucker Carlson for being a White Supremacist.

It really comes as no surprise that these campaigns are being launched. They have to discredit anyone and everyone who disagrees with or speaks out against their narrative. The reason they are coming after podcasts is because podcasters have become the new media and the source of information people turn to in order to get the truth.

In the world of propaganda and cancel culture, your facts don't have to add up and your experts only need to have a title in front of their name to be legitimate. While actual experts are discredited, demonized and smeared as disinformation agents by multi-million dollar organizations. These organizations then present it to their journalist friends who convince them to pass the story off as their own so that it can have the appearance of being investigative journalism.

To validate this, all you have to do is look at the news and the agenda of the journalists. As Glenn points out,

Why is nobody up in arms about gas prices?... No one is talking about gas prices... What is the president doing? If it was doing this under Donald Trump, you bet they would have.

Glenn goes on talk about Whoopi Goldberg and her comment about the Holocaust not being about race. Based on the change of definition that has occurred with the term racism, she's not wrong. This is how the propaganda machine works. If the definition doesn't fit the narrative, you simply change the definition.

The new definition of racism as defined by the ADL:

The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.

Based on this new definition, because the Holocaust was perpetrated by two different groups of white people, it does not fit the definition of racism, and therefore was not racist.

History does not matter, facts do not matter. The only thing that matters is selling the narrative and convincing the population that your view is the only view that is relevant.

Glenn makes a really good point though. People are calling for Whoopi to be fired over her comments on the Holocaust, and while her ignorance is glaringly obvious, cancelling her over her comments and views is no better than cancelling Joe Rogan over his comments and views. Cancelling those on the left is no better than cancelling those on the right. That is how we ended up in this mess of word soup and changed definitions to begin with.

The terms disinformation and misinformation are nothing more than propaganda terms used by the media to discredit information. There is no such thing as misinformation or disinformation. There is only information. It is up to us as individuals to decide for ourselves what information is true and accurate based on the facts.

You can watch the full interview by Glenn Beck here:

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