Lt. Col. Theresa Long Grounds Pilots Due to Vaccine Injuries; U.S. Army Steps In To Stop Her

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Physician and Army Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long spoke today during a roundtable discussion organized by Senator Ron Johnson. After examining patients who had been "vaccinated" for Covid-19 she had some notable facts to share.

(U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson hosts a panel on vaccine mandates.)

She said, "With respect to aviation safety, risk communication is critical. “I saw five patients in clinic, two of which presented with chest pain days to weeks after vaccination and were subsequently diagnosed with pericarditis and worked up to rule out myocarditis.

Theresa Long has been vocal in the facts about the experimental injections and sees risk and danger to pilots flying since the prevalence of these side effects appears to be more and more common as time goes by. With patients having the right to know the risks and dangers of anything they participate in medically it's concerning and maybe criminal that so much is done to keep information hidden.

Natural immunity and overall health are largely ignored by the mainstream and everybody, including children, and young and healthy military personnel are subjected to the unproven 'recommended' experiments to thwart the China Virus.

The third pilot had been vaccinated and felt like he was drunk, chronically fatigued within 24 hours after vaccination,” she continued. “The pilot told me he didn’t know what to do so he drank a lot of coffee to ‘wake himself up’ and continue to fly until he realized it wasn’t going away.”

Historically vaccines have been cancelled over far fewer death and health consequences. Healthcare and government officials seem to be ignoring all of the alarms this time. According to Lt. Col. Theresa Long:

“After I reported to my command my concerns that in one morning I had to ground three out of three pilots due to vaccine injuries, the next day my patients were canceled, my charts were pulled for review, and I was told that I would not be seeing acute patients anymore, just healthy pilots there for their flight physical.”

We see these injections seemingly compromising the military quietly, and it's being allowed while disapproving people that raise concerns with hopes pursue better paths that don't potentially put national security and individuals health at risk.

Lt. Col. Theresa Long filed an affidavit after similar signs of danger:

U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, a flight surgeon at Fort Rucker in Dothan, AL, has filed an affidavit declaring all flight crews which have received the ‘vaccine’ should be grounded for health reasons.

Download PDF • 313KB

Part of the affidavit reads:

39. The subject matter of this Motion for a Preliminary Injunction and its devastating effects on members of the military compel me to conclude and conduct accordingly as follows:

1. a) None of the ordered Emergency Use Covid 19 vaccines can or will provide better immunity than an infection-recovered person;

2. b) All three of the EUA Covid 19 vaccines (Comirnaty is not available), in the age group and fitness level of my patients, are more risky, harmful and dangerous than having no vaccine at all, whether a person is Covid recovered or facing a Covid 19 infection;

3. c) Direct evidence exists and suggests that all persons who have received a Covid 19 Vaccine are damaged in their cardiovascular system in an irreparable and irrevocable manner;

4. d) Due to the Spike protein production that is engineered into the user’s genome, each such recipient of the Covid 19 Vaccines already has micro clots in their cardiovascular system that present a danger to their health and safety;

5. e) That such micro clots over time will become bigger clots by the very nature of the shape and composition of the Spike proteins being produced and said proteins are found throughout the user’s body, including the brain;

5. f) That at the initial stage of this damage the micro clots can only be discovered by a biopsy or Magnetic Resonance Image (“MRI”) scan;

6. g) That due to the fact that there is no functional myocardial screening currently being conducted, it is my professional opinion that substantial foreseen risks currently exist, which require proper screening of all flight crews.

7. h) That, by virtue of their occupations, said flight crews present extraordinary risks to themselves and others given the equipment they operate, munitions carried thereon and areas of operation in close proximity to populated areas.

8. i) That, without any current screening procedures in place, including any Aero Message (flight surgeon notice) relating to this demonstrable and identifiable risk, I must and will therefore ground all active flight personnel who received the vaccinations until such time as the causation of these serious systemic health risks can be more fully and adequately assessed.

9. j) That, based on the DOD’s own protocols and studies, the only two valuable methodologies to adequately assess this risk are through MRI imaging or cardio biopsy which must be carried-out.

10. k) That, in accordance with the foregoing, I hereby recommend to the Secretary of Defense that all pilots, crew and flight personnel in the military service who required hospitalization from injection or received any Covid 19 vaccination be grounded similarly for further dispositive assessment.

11. l) That this Court should grant an immediate injunction to stop the further harm to all military personnel to protect the health and safety of our active duty, reservists and National Guard troops.


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