LEAKED: Maricopa County Forensic Audit Draft Report From Cyber Ninjas

You might have seen the misleading fake news reports with titles to the tune of, "Maricopa County: GOP-Backed Arizona 'Audit' Confirms Biden Won". You might have run into the deceptive statement from the Maricopa County official Twitter account below.

This came as a concern to many and they're asking, "Is this leaked report real?", "What will we witness tomorrow afternoon when the final report is presented?" ,"Is this just fake news?", "WHAT IS GOING ON!?"

I am confident this is just the mockingbird media getting ahead of the real news in attempts to trick some of the public. What they've done is taken a small excerpt of a leaked report stating it shows that Biden won however it doesn't reflect the entirety of the report and its complete data.

As Wendy Rogers points out in a retweet of the preliminary leaked results posted by Boris Epshteyn. (see below) "And this is just the leaked partial draft report."

Page 4 section 6.2 shows us this Finding Summary Table. What we can see is 57,734 ballots were reported as impacted by the leaked audit report. Far more than enough impacted ballots to justify decertifying the election.

The 57,734 impacted ballots reported in the chart don't include a specified number for interference, discrepancies, missing subpoena items, out-of-calibration ballot printers, which can lead to adjudication fraud, and more.

The unreliable fake news and its controllers are panicking and attempting to get ahead of the real news coming tomorrow afternoon. Disinformation is a key part of their strategy to cause division, confusion, and chaos between us and our neighbors. The reality is, many, many people know the truth and there's nothing that can be done now to cage the lion.

The information some are saying shows Joe Biden won is on page 2, section 5.1 of the leaked report. (see below) They fail to outline any of the other 89 pages of the report and aspects of the big lie and possible cover-up of fraud that could have significantly impacted the election results.

Ron Watkins [codeMonkeyZ] commented on 9/23 at 8:41 PM.

Funny that the County isn't highlighting all the other parts of the leaked report... Their selective leaking to control the narrative won't stand up to the truth when all is revealed.

The final report will be presented mid-day 9/24.

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