RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 207 | Jonathan Wichmann - Candidate for Governor of WI

Joshua Reid, Jason Reid, and special co-host Roxy had the pleasure of interviewing Jonathan Wichmann on this episode. Jonathan's background includes digital marketing for Ron Paul and he's been following politics for over a decade. In particular one take-away Wichmann particularly likes about Ron Paul is that he valued educating the people. Something seemingly forgotten in a considerable amount of today's misinformation afflicted, distracted and deceived people.

Wichmann is well aware of the same ol' playbook and steps taken to drive a country towards communism through his study of history, and sees the writing on the wall... Wichmann is strongly apposed to the lock-downs considering the people's constitutional rights being infringed upon. The release of the lock-downs, mask mandates in Wisconsin can be attributed to the effort he has helped with putting forth.

Roxy is one of the Redpill Project's long-time supporters and a local of Wisconsin. With the opportunity to put the tough questions forth she asks Wichmann, "Why would a 35 year old man, that I've never heard of immediately run for governor? Not run for a more local or smaller office to get name recognition, then to move up to governor?" She adds that Wisconsinites can be particularly conservative and weary of new-comers. Wichmann replied, "It's because we're out of time. That's really the reason. We're half a step away from full blown communism and could potentially enter into another lock-down." Jonathan then goes into some of his accolades in the fight he's put forth thus far and said, "I'm bringing the fight, and the people love it. The people recognize it." He plans on continuing his pursuit of earning the minds and the hearts of the people through his work ethic. One large advantage he mentioned he has over most every other politician is a spine. Additionally he is confident in his ability to be somebody who can take on the great challenges we face so has stepped up to the plate.

Wichmann was born and raised in Wisconsin and said that in all of his adult years he has only witnessed Milwaukee deteriorate under "do-nothing" democrat mayor Tom Barrett because instead of building up businesses they actually destroy small businesses knowingly with actions such as the lock-downs. He says, "I'm here to inspire the people, yes Milwaukee is going to be a tough battleground, but we have to try." He's determined to make a powerful impact far and wide..

Later when discussing democrats and republicans Wichmann relatably mentions,

"I hate the two party system, I'm going to be straight, I hate it because the reality is that at the top levels they are no different from each other."

Wichmann also goes into Event 201 and how we can see what is going to occur before it takes place. Predicting what will happen next becomes very easy just like we've done, Wichmann has been able to predict the unfortunate events that not long ago were just written off as unlikely conspiracies by the fake news media. Now as people continue to wake up we find ourselves coming closer and closer to the unavoidable precipice of it all; the perfect opportunity to take back our freedom and allow ourselves to prosper once again as “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

Watch the entire conversation unfold! I was impressed with the breadth of topics covered; listed below.

  • Cannabis

  • Responsibility of Politicians

  • The Government Criminal Network

  • American Sovereignty

  • Shrinking the Federal Government

  • Federalist 46

  • Civil Disobedience and disquietude

  • Precedence of the Bill of Rights

  • Consent of the Governed

  • Economy

  • Small business

  • Eliminating property tax

  • Attracting new business

  • Ending abortion

  • Liberating the people

  • Election audit

  • Property ownership

  • Property Tax

  • Getting rid of the lobby

  • Fixing the voting system

  • Establishment RHINO Dan Crenshaw

  • Transparency

  • Medical Freedom

  • Medical Martial Law

  • CDC Internment camps

  • Senate bill A416


  • 4th amendment

  • Communist Ideology

  • Food Independence

  • Decentralizing the economy

  • Free Market

  • Crypto currencies

  • Big business

  • Inflation

  • Stagflation

  • Fake Job Reports

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