John Hopkins Data Can't Be Ignored! A Genocidal Death Surge Observed Post-Vaccination Globally

The mainstream media continues to say the vaccine is the only way forward and many people believe what they're saying. Some people are even misled to believe the vaccine they've taken in the US is safe, effective, and FDA approved.

Comirnaty is the only vaccine that has been FDA approved, however, I've spoken to multiple people in Washington who were under the impression that it applied to the other experimental injections.

Patients need to be informed about what they are being subjected to and many doctors are failing to do this. This is antithetical to what any moral doctor should be doing. A disgrace by the medical community that will never be forgotten. The relationship between doctors and their patients has been diminished to a point beyond repair.

The data has been questionable since the beginning. Hospitals were monetarily incentivized to record deaths as Coronavirus even if it was a secondary issue. My understanding gained by talking to doctors is that this goes against typical procedures.

By looking at the data above curated by Joel Smalley utilizing John Hopkins data, It's obvious that the connection between when vaccination took place and when we saw an increase in cases might be related.

Even a layperson can look at the data and see there are reasons for concern and questions. The deaths and side effects we see reported far exceed other vaccines that have been taken off the market in the past, yet the data is largely ignored by the mainstream media.

It's also very alarming that children are being targeted as subjects for the experimental jabs now as well. Pediatrician Dr. Richard Besser said he is "cautiously optimistic" about the vaccine approval for children, even though "children have been impacted by COVID less severely than adults." In Fact, children are almost not affected at all. It's obvious to me that injecting them is a risk we don't know the long-term consequences of yet and it wouldn't be something I support, given all of the data we have available now. It seems that big pharmaceutical companies are the ones that benefit most from these questionable pushes for everybody to conform to the experiments.

Luckily, many people like Los Angeles County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva are standing up.

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