Infant Children Hospitalized After Parents Cannot Find Enough Baby Formula Amid Nationwide Shortages

By: The Gateway Pundit

Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

In less than two years of Democrat rule starving babies are being hospitalized in the United States today.

But not babies of illegal aliens. Biden is shipping baby formula down to the border as the nationwide shortage continues.

Parents and doctors in Memphis hospitalized two sick children after they could not find the right baby formula on the store shelves.

The Washington Times reported:

Two children have been hospitalized in Tennessee after their parents could not find a specific type of formula amid a nationwide shortage. Both children have intestinal disorders that make it difficult for them to absorb nutrients. They were treated at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis after their bodies couldn’t tolerate an alternate type of formula, according to Fox13 Memphis. One of the children was released Tuesday.
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