Illegal Immigrant Children Shipped from the Southern Border End Up at New York Adoption Agency


By: Gateway Pundit

Illegal immigrant children “passing through” Pennsylvania are landing at an orphanage in New York in an apparent adoption production line.

We reported on a planeload of illegal immigrants arriving in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in December. This was not the first report of a planeload of illegal aliens landing in Pennsylvania. In response to this issue, Pennsylvania’s Democrat Governor Wolf shared that the illegal immigrants landing in his state were children that “passed through” the state.

However, this was not the case because we identified a potential match on a man wanted for murder in Mexico who deboarded one of these flights into Pennsylvania.

Hundreds of flights were chartered from the Southern border to states across the country and to and from foreign locations in 2021. We provided the flights on only one chartered plane on the little-known “World Atlantic” airlines. This is only the flights for one plane used in Biden’s illegal immigrant invasion into the US. How many more planes are used in the illegal operation?

Today we have information showing that some of the children that Governor Wolf seems to believe are that big of a deal coming into the country along the Southern Border and flown to the Northeast are being shipped to a location in New York. The governor was correct in saying ‘children passed through’ but the number of adults on the flights appears to be material and includes some criminal characters, and the Governor’s lack of concern for these children is sad as well

We were able to trace the routes of children being shipped from the Southern border to the Northeast.

As noted above, we were able to show a charter bus dropping off children from a flight from the

Some indoctrination that takes place at MercyFirst surrounds LGBTQ exercises. Note the children at the facility are between ages 6 and 12. Should they be taught this?

The President and CEO of MercyFirst is Renee Skolaski who took over in May of 2021. She was formerly with Hedge Funds Care.

Here’s a total composite of the above.

Is the shipping of illegal alien children to the Northeast a massive adoption pipeline? Why would these agencies want to be involved in the distribution of illegal alien children crossing the Southern border?

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