Hundreds of Thousands Plan To Participate In Four-Day Nationwide Walkout Over Vaccine Mandates

Leigh Dundas is helping lead the effort for many Americans from different backgrounds and belief systems to come together for a nationwide walkout from Nov. 8 to Nov. 11 and oppose the unethically imposed, tyrannical "vaccine" mandates.

Many people are standing up for their freedom and refusing to show up to work on these days. She told us in our recent interviews that people can text "FREEDOM" to 53445 for more information and updates regarding the event.

James Madison: Resistance to tyranny is service to God.

In a recent interview, Dundas told The Epoch Times, The Golden Gate Bridge Rally is going to be an epic and unprecedented moment in time. It will mark—on Veterans’ Day evening—a 4-day Nationwide walkout, by rank and file workers everywhere, from blue-collar to white-collar, black, white, yellow, red, every faith, every creed, who are uniquely united despite their differences on one common truth: that vaccine mandates have no place in a truly free society,”

She went on to say, "Every group: anti-vaccine, BLM, gay, straight, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Asian, Latino, Christian, atheist—all groups—are coming together for this one historic moment in time—to trumpet not just to our own government, but indeed to the watching eyes of the world, that vaccine mandates will no longer be tolerated. That in this country, WE are the government, because our founding fathers knew this truth: a truly free nation is a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. That we are the leaders we have been waiting for. And that today marks the day that we retire vaccine mandates as a concept that cannot live in a free society, and that we are, indeed, simply that: a free society.

We recently saw Brandon's "vaccine mandate" temporarily halted by the federal court but regardless, people don't seem to plan on stopping the fight for freedom until the war is won. Leigh Dundas told us that what is being described as a federal "mandate" is really more like a mere, 'press conference' in a recent interview.

We also recently saw two dozen Republican-led states announce lawsuits challenging the measures. With people standing up and governors also taking the lead in their states with the peoples' desires at the forefront of their agenda, many see the path forward for winning battle after battle in this dark war most easily described as a world war between two forces; Good versus evil.

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