RECAP: Redpill Daily Dose Episode 208 | Fall of Kabul

Joshua Reid, Jason Reid and Vince Tagliavia firstly discuss everything that came crashing down in Afghanistan over the last week that continues in disarray. By no means are any of us experts in this complex conflict, however it is apparent to me that Joe Biden, and his administration absolutely abandoned any coherent plan in getting troops out of Afghanistan and seemingly allowed the control of Kabul to fall directly into the Taliban's hands in the blink of an eye. Josh expressed disgust with Lloyd Austin and the Biden administration in their entire handling of many military matters including this and calls for them all to step down. I concur with this, and I'm sure much of the waking world watching likely agrees as they witness extremely negative decisions being made by an incompetent, unlawfully established administration.


Make sure you see tomorrow's (8/17) show with Special guest : Executive Producer of Contraland; Craig "Sawman" Sawyer

Other topics discussed today 8/16:

What's the difference between "people" and "persons"?

13th Amendment

14th Amendment

4th Amendment

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