Facebook: Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior Report Targets Qanon

In April 2020 the Facebook Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB) Report was released and brings to light some startling information for those who are proponents of Free Speech and Free Information on the Internet.

The program ran by Facebook seeks to stop coordinated campaigns that seek to manipulate public debate and inauthentic behaviors like spam and fake engagements across the Facebook app. Their team is comprised over 200 people with various expertise ranging from threat investigations, investigative journalist, law enforcement, cyber security, etc.

The monthly investigations against inauthentic behavior target what Facebook considers "Fake engagement, spam and artificial amplification". They consider these threats to be financially motivated and having the potential to manipulate public debate for a strategic goal. The two areas for operation of this program are the domestic, non-state campaigns Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB) and the coordinated inauthentic behavior on behalf of a foreign or government actor (FGI).

The task force, which seeks to remove accounts that try to remain anonymous and break the guidelines of what Facebook considers misleading or an attempt to influence people in a specific way, whether it be monetarily, politically or within propagation of false or misleading information.

This is incredibly disturbing for many reason. Recently, it has been shown that the leftist politically motivated group Defeat Disinfo lead by former US Army General Stanley McChrystal, have already began using a DARPA funded and developed Artificial Intelligence, originally designed to fight Islamic State propaganda, for the service of a "domestic political goal to company online efforts to promote President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic".

This technology uses an artificial intelligence and network analysis to build a integrated map of posts, comments and discussion pertaining to President Donald Trump's claims on social media. Then, the technology intervenes with these posts and produces a counter-narrative and boosts its influence by using a network of more than 3 million social influencers around the world. To make this simple, this technology targets Pro-Trump comments, posts and discussions, formulates a compelling counter-narrative and uses high follower count influencers to propagate the counter-narrative in real-time. The problem...besides being draconian and used weaponized for political gain, the counter-narratives have nothing to do with truth, fact or details. Instead, the counter narratives are created and produced story-lines generated to follow the leftist political agenda.

We can see that Facebook, a Tech Giant and known supporter of the Left and censoring agent of free speech has begun the attack on "Qanon" accounts.

From this April report, it is shown to have removed 5 Pages, 15 Accounts and 1 Group in the US associated with Qanon. To where their reasoning for the removal was that the accounts were producing inauthentic behavior ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Now, let's think about this in perspective. On one hand we have a tech giant like Facebook removing accounts that it

finds violates its coordinated inauthentic behavioral (CIB) protocols, which so far, in viewing them, there are some radical ideological pages and groups removed. Although, after further inquiry, we find that those associated with the 2020 Presidential Elections, seem to be only Right and Conservative leaning pages, accounts or groups. On a statistical analysis this is highly improbable. We would assume that actors from both sides would begin campaigns to influence elections and provide inauthentic information. Yet, what we see is exactly the opposite.

We see Facebook targeting the Qanon community due to their potential influence to produce inauthentic behaviors that could created bias in the 2020 Presidential election. Then on the other hand we see a Leftist driven propaganda firm using DARPA (tax payer funded) technology to produce counter-narratives through massive influencer profiles that do not even need to be based on truth or fact, but instead meant only to influence voters towards the counter-narrative in support of the Democrats and their agenda. The difference here, is that Big Tech is Weaponizing their platforms and targeting Pro-MAGA/Conservative/Qanon posts, pages and groups, while at the same time, using an AI to counter-act the people, pages and profiles who tend to praise Trump.

This is a battlefield. This is information warfare. This is a war on your mind and information is the weapon...

In the advent that Pro-MAGA/Conservative/Qanon accounts do get censored and taken down, Redpill Project will be opening our doors to any and all and provide Free Information, Content and No Censorship towards any political bias.

References: https://about.fb.com/news/2020/05/april-cib-report/

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