The Delta Variant Is The Vaccine: It Is Time To Wake Up

Updated: Mar 29

(Decentralized Media) Just recently Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer in the field of mRNA vaccines posted on his Twitter seven words that every doctor, nurse and politician should be concerned about. He said "This is worrying me quite a bit".

He was talking about a threaded Tweet from @holmenkollin (Corona Realism) which lays out the evidence that something is seriously wrong with the vaccine and that Global Health officials and Governments are ignoring it.

The thread begins with "Something really odd is going on". Rightfully so, this is the same oddness we have reported here at the Redpill Project and been screaming about for months. In our last article titled Pandemic Resurgence: Covid Part II , we pointed out the eerie correlation of the late March and early April mass vaccination campaign of 250+ million people in India. Approximately two weeks later we see massive deaths related to COVID and the emergence of the new "Delta" variant.

Sorry, but we do not believe in coincidences...

(Disclaimer: The claims in the title of this article will surely be censored and not accepted by the mainstream. To prove something this devastating, there would have to be more compelling evidence than a mere "coincidence", unfortunately...there is. Whenever we speculate onto something that has serve implications like this we truly do hope we are wrong, we will let you decide with what we present here.)

Before we can understand why Dr. Malone is so concerned we have to go back to January 2021 and lay the foundation of everything we have learned since then. We start with the first postmortem autopsy done with a vaccinated patient. The patient, an 86 year old man had multiple comorbidities. On day 25 after the date of vaccination this man tested positive for COVID 19 and died the following day.

From this NIH study we find some interesting anomalies. The patients organs were riddled with spike proteins and had incredibly high viral RNA loads. There were antigens present to produce an immune response in the body, which it did, but it did not stop the virus from spreading throughout the body. This is a concerning report pertaining to the efficacy of the vaccine to prevent and bring immunity against COVID-19. (Ref 1., Ref2)

Many researchers had assumed that the COVID Vaccines would behave much like traditional vaccines which had been used for decades. They assumed that the vaccines "spike proteins" which, in the actual virus, are the cause of the infection and most severe symptoms, would stay at the injection site. We found through accredited and legitimate research that this was just not true.

Byram Bridle, a Canadian Viral Immunologist and Associate Professor at the University of Guelph, Ontario received a $230,000 grant from the Canadian Government last year for research on the COVID Vaccine development. He and a group of international scientists filed a request for information from a Japanese regulatory agency so that they could get access to Pfizer's "bio-distribution study". (Ref 3) These studies are used to determine where the vaccine travels to in the body and potentially where it accumulates in after it is injected within the patient.

In their research Professor Bridle and the group of international scientist discovered some startling revelations.

We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now,” said Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario. “We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.

The spike protein is the entry mechanism for the virus. It is the one that knocks on the cells doors by binding with something known as an ACE2 Receptor. This allows it to open the cell walls and the viral material to be injected. The engineers of this vaccine thought that the spike proteins would make a great trojan horse in the cell to mount an immune response. So they developed the vaccines to specifically make the spike protein within our own cells.

Prof. Byron Bridle - photo courtesy of

Although, when studying the COVID-19 Vaccine, it's related side effects and problems we see multiple health related issues including heart problems, concerning cardiovascular issues, bleeding and clotting and many rare neurological disorders. Professor Bridle explained

In doing that research, what has been discovered by the scientific community, the spike protein on its own is almost entirely responsible for the damage to the cardiovascular system, if it gets into circulation.

In tests referenced by Professor Bridle he says that when the spike protein is injected into the blood of research animals. they begin to experience massive damage to their cardiovascular system and that the spike protein can cross over the blood-brain barrier and produce neurological and brain damage. (Ref 4.) In the Pfizer bio-distribution study referenced by Professor Bridle, he explains that in Pfizers own research that they knew the COVID spike proteins get into the blood and circulate for several days post vaccination and then begin the process of accumulating within the organs, tissues and other vital parts of the body including the female ovaries in "quite high concentrations".

The first spike proteins have been detected as early as 15 days after the vaccination injection. Professor Bridle explains that they have known for a long time that the spike protein was pathogenic protein, a toxin and can cause severe damage to the body if it gets into the circulatory system. Although, experts believed that the mRNA vaccine would act just as other vaccines did and stay at the injection site within the shoulder muscles or local lymph nodes, unfortunately this was not the case.

If we revisit the NIH Study on the "First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2" we can begin to see that approximately 18 days after the vaccine injection, the patient begins to have an onset of symptoms unrelated to COVID. This one in particular symptom was diarrhea. When you look into the study you find out that there was severe gastrointestinal problems within the patient and this would be considered a preexisting condition or comorbidity. This is interesting, since this infection occurs around the same incubation period of the spike protein from the COVID vaccination. We know that the spike proteins circulate throughout the blood from the work of Professor Bridle. With this understanding we can speculate that a toxin such as the spike protein would search for a immune compromised section of the body to begin its attack. Not even 7 days later, this gentleman was dead from COVID and his body was riddled with spike proteins.

On February 12, 2021 we were joined with Personal Health Expert Nathan Walz on our podcast. He discussed the VAERS Database - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and the number of reported deaths that had been reported at that time onto the CDC operated system. We discussed that in December of 2020 that over 300 deaths had been reported and this was only a small amount due to the reporting statistics of approximately 1%-3% of all cases are reported to the VAERS system annually.

In May of 2021, I presented a three part video on our TikTok channel, part of which was censored, pertaining to the searching of the VAERS database and showing well over 3500 deaths reported. Part three of the video is below.

(Information obtained from the VAERS Database - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System )

Many "Fact Checkers" and debunkers came forth and said how this data is inaccurate and not admissible since anyone can upload data into the system and therefore it is not credible. Although, after further investigation you find out that it is actually a criminal offense to upload false information into this database and that the CDC verifies the information with medical professionals and public records. This means that when a death is reported to the VAERS Database, the CDC investigates this death and verifies it's legitimacy. Our of the 3500 deaths reported, none, zero, zilch were caused by the vaccine and as the CDC states, there was no causation found for these deaths by the vaccine itself.

Instead, the cause of the death for the majority of these people was undiagnosed cardiac and heart issues or what we know of today as "multiple comorbidities". The problem comes as a statistical anomaly. We would expect some adverse reactions and some deaths resulting from this new vaccine technology.

Typically the standard vaccines that are given to Americans each year present a few hundred deaths, but miraculously not one from the COVID vaccine. It is important to note that the majority of the deaths reported from vaccinated people on the VAERS Database were related to Cardiovascular, Heart and Blood Clotting, exactly the same symptoms that Professor Bridle said were witnessed in the injection into test animals with the spike protein into the circulatory system, a coincidence I think not.

In another video on TikTok, information is presented to the Senate of Texas as testimony about the VAERS reporting and the first attempt to bring it into public record.

Just recently we are seeing another video begin to spread about a lawsuit being filed against the United States Federal Government about the alleged coverup of this VAERS information and the reported number of COVID Vaccine deaths. This information is important to understand because if true, implicates our government, media, big tech and governments around the world in a massive propaganda and disinformation campaign that has cost the lives of potentially hundreds of thousands if not millions of people world wide. The initial reports about the whistleblower information is that in excess of 45,000 people have died within the first 3 days of being vaccinated with the COVID vaccine. As reported, this is only one part of the data and this number is expected to be much higher.

As a reference, go back to the information we presented in May about the VAERS database deaths and understand that only about one to three percent of all deaths are reported to VAERS. At approximately 3500 deaths in May we would be expecting over 100,000 deaths around this time in the United States from the vaccine if we calculated at only 3% reported.

Now let's revisit the thread by Corona Realism and the concern of Dr. Malone we had originally discussed. The data Dr. Malone, one of the pioneer founders of the mRNA Vaccine is concerned about is the correlation between highly vaccinated dense population and the outbreaks of the "Delta Variant".

For instance, in Europe they are seeing massive surges of COVID and the Delta variant in areas where the majority of the population is vaccinated, while in other European countries with a small vaccination rate are seeing far less cases.

The countries of Malta and Cyprus are the two most vaccinated countries in the world, running vaccination campaigns through the Spring and early Summer months here in the West. What is interesting is that they also have the steepest inclines in COVID cases within them since June of 2021.

The country of Bhutan has reportedly vaccinated 64% of their population within just one week starting on 3/27/2021. Just a few days after the number of COVID cases began to drastically increase.

If you are not paying attention, all of this information is showing a direct correlation between those that are vaccinated and the emergence of the COVID "variants". Many are speculating that the variants are a disinformation and propaganda campaign to cover-up the vaccine deaths and propagate even more virus fear-porn to get more people the vaccine.

This data graph below shows us this direct correlation with the number of people with at least one dose of the COVID Vaccine per the amount of new cases of COVID occurring in that country. With a mass vaccination rollout occurring globally we would expect to see cases going down because of the success of the vaccination program by providing an immune generated response to the vaccine and therefore protecting the individual from the COVID virus, instead what we are seeing is what Professor Bridle and Dr. Luc Montagnier warned about pertaining to what is known as "Antibody-Dependent Enhancement".

An ADE, is where the mRNA vaccine seeks to produce on a continuous basis the spike protein at the site of vaccination, therefore giving the individual a blanket of protection against the virus while in a state of immune generated response. Unfortunately, since the vaccines spike proteins leave the injection area and enter the circulatory system, this ADE instead becomes a catalyst for disaster. One would speculate that if we had a mechanism in our system that produced a endless supply of spike proteins, and that somehow got into our bloodstream, and those spike proteins were toxic, that it would eventually infect the individual with that which it sought to protect them from, as well, infect every part of the body that the circulatory system reaches. Speculation aside, that is exactly what we are seeing here.

[The HMS Queen Elizabeth supercarrier heads into port on August 16, 2017 in Portsmouth, England. The HMS Queen Elizabeth is the lead ship in the new Queen Elizabeth class of supercarriers. Weighing in at 65,000 tons she is the largest war ship deployed by the British Royal Navy. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)]

To give another example, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, a British Naval Vessel had their crew 1600 crew members fully vaccinated. They all received double vaccinations. They followed social distancing protocols along with increased hygiene. Two months after receiving the vaccine there was a 1 in 16 infection rate of COVID, that is a higher rate than any country on this planet! (Ref. 6)

What we are seeing here is scary to say the least. We have governments of their media counterparts urging people to get vaccinated. They are even incentivizing the vaccination campaign with lotteries and prizes so that they can increase their numbers globally. Along with what seems a massive psychological warfare campaign to propagate this vaccine into the arms of human beings around the world, we have big tech that is censoring legitimate scientists and doctors that are warning people of the dangers they have witnessed and observed. The information is all out in the public. Everyone who is screaming bloody murder is referencing the governments own data and bringing up valid concerns pertaining to the efficacy of this vaccine.

In 1976 the Swine Flu vaccine was halted after 4000 adverse reaction and only 3 deaths were reported to the CDC. There have been well over 500,000 adverse reactions reported to the CDC through the VAERS database and over 11,000 deaths. Yet, the governments and media of the world continue to act as if nothing is wrong. They even go as far as to use "fact checkers" to provide a counter argument, much of which takes the original information out of context and expands speculation as mere fact.

Why have we not seen more medical professional and politicians stepping up to the plate and calling the ball?
What is really happening in the world right now with the mass vaccination rollout and the presumed deaths that follow?

This is beginning to look like mass genocide on epic proportions that will somehow come to bite the world in it's ass. The world is at a crossroads. What is happening is at the very least tragic. I suspect that this will get much worse before it gets better. The correlating data between the vaccine rollout and the infection rate of COVID and it's variants is startling for anyone who understand statistical data analysis. We are seeing a direct correlation here that cannot be denied. With just the little evidence we have presented here, there would be more than enough to end this charade in any sane world.

It is our hopes that more experts like Dr. Robert Malone come forth and begin to questions this global vaccination agenda and start to hyper-critically analyze the data before suggesting or recommending this vaccination to the public. It is also within our hopes that the people begin to get involved and start informed consent campaigns, where the public can decide based on viable evidence whether or not to get vaccinated.

It is my opinion, as this all comes forth in the coming weeks and months, you can begin to see more evidence of this correlation brought forth, more experts will come forward and will be "discredited" by the establishment medical community. In the fall we will most likely see a resurgence of the virus like nothing ever before seen in recent history. At the same time as this comes to a head, we will most likely see a global event that will bring the attention of those asleep away from the unfolding conspiracy, my guess is a major cyber-attack on the electric grid and infrastructure. So as always, prepare for the worse and let's keep faith and hope for the best.

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