RECAP: Daily Dose Episode 210 | David Nino Rodriguez | Dark To Light

8/18/2021 Joshua Reid and Vince Tagliavia were joined by former heavyweight boxer David Nino Rodriguez former host of Dark to Light Podcast. Rightfully so, David has fire within but is confident things will end well in the Global battle but still expects things to get worse before they get better and maybe we'll witness something we could compare to a near death experience.

Although David, as many of us can relate, has expected all of this to be handled a lot earlier. He explains how he is nervous but also confident. A kin to a fight, when you're nervous but know what you need to do to succeed and are still confident.

David expressed how proud he is to have grown up in the 80's and 90's and how this is a different dimension people live in today.

"When was the last time you've gone to a restaurant or a movie theater or any place, and heard people laughing and having a great conversation. Remember when you used to go out and here people having a good time? You don't hear that anymore. It's so somber, it's become so depressing. It's in the air."

News and topics covered on this episode:

  • Graphene Oxide

  • Iron and the Jab ("Vaccine")

  • The Jab ("Vaccine") 13th Amendment

  • Freedom

  • ESG Standards

"This is worse than Watergate." Joshua Reid

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