Daily Dose Ep. 193 Recap | Josh Barnett Candidate for Congress AZ06

On July 20, 2021 Joshua Reid, Jason, and Rightside Baddie interviewed Josh Barnett who is running to represent the people of Arizona Congressional District 6 in 2022.

Josh Barnett is an American patriot, business owner and family man who loves God and his country.

During the interview they discuss how Josh Barnett has been a driving force behind a coalition of individuals to help bring election audits to the states by holding the government accountable and by educating individuals, particularly Maricopa County, Arizona election audits. Barnett, as witness to the corruption and complete disregard for our Constitution today, takes a staunch stance behind the most pertinent American values that too many individuals fail to stand up for today, either knowingly, or out of ignorance. Either way, the laws of the land must be upheld and the American people are showing a willingness to continue to push forth for their greater good.

As we're witnessing political division in our country driven by Mockingbird-style unwarranted Technocratic controls, Barnett sees the need for our communities to have strong leaders. He holds a belief of what a true leader should look like and describes these qualities as, "Compassion and love for the people, integrity to do what is right even when it is not popular, strength and courage to see it through and they must stand on strong morals and Constitutional principles." Such virtues as these are a breath of fresh air for many and best of all Barnett's track record backs up his fundamentally powerful exclamations.

Josh Barnett doesn't give off the typical politician vibe, but instead an authentic ethically driven passion for doing the right thing for the people, country, and possibly, ultimately the world. This becomes apparent when Joshua asks Barnett, "If and when you get into congress, what are you going to do for the state of Arizona that is going to change this?" (referring to changing the rampant, radical policies coming down from the globalist's agenda.) Barnett replied with the statement below which is indicative of his knowledge of the way the system should lawfully be upheld.

The people have to understand what their powers are. When I win and I'm in congress, I have less power. If you read through any state constitution, in Arizona it's article II section II, all power is inherent in the people. All political power. It doesn't say, "a little bit... kind of." it says, "ALL POWER." And it doesn't say "is inherent in the government, or your elected servant." It's the people.

This sentiment of the power being in the hands of the people is a core value written into our founding documents and is what our founding fathers intended when they meticulously laid out the framework for future societies to prosper as free men. Josh Barnett recognizes this and it's one of his core principles he seems proud to honor.

One of the pitfalls recurring over and over again during the efforts to investigate, audit and ensure election integrity has to do with seemingly malicious acts by the Bar Association to curtail any progress. Barnett said, "Unfortunately, we have the Bar Association running the whole country, they're crooked as heck, and we're done with it. We're not putting up with it, we're fighting with everything we can against it." Barnett goes on to mention all of the individuals who are all to familiar with these barriers . The list goes, Lin Wood, Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Matt DePerno, and Emily Newman. Barnett said, "There's too much judicial interference in the legislative branch." Barnett says you can not write legislation against the people, it shouldn't happen and needs to be corrected.

Josh replied to Barnett, "That's awesome! You're one of the first candidates that I've heard take the legal perspective towards it in the sense of the DOJ having too much oversight; too much power. Something that we've talked about here. You know, going into this, the state of Arizona has been threatened. We just had the Democrats open a committee investigation into Cyber Ninjas, the next day obviously had that big live stream there." Referring to 7/15/2021 Live Arizona State Senate Hearing, "What is happening in Arizona right now with this? Because that is a direct overreach of federal authority right there." Barnett simply laid it all out explaining he had put out a notice giving a constitutional argument that notifies the DOJ they don't have jurisdiction in the matter. They are aware that the judicial cannot interfere with the senate investigation at all, and the people aren't going to put up with it. 73 lawyers were sent there in response and they couldn't stop anything. People aware of the law simply sent in hundreds upon hundreds of notices and notified them they had no jurisdiction once again.

Josh summarized the Arizona audit results we are aware of from the surprise hearing that took place July 15, 2021 and explained that the router data requested by Cyber Ninjas from during the hearing would allow us to see if there is potential for fraud or criminality by ruling out other honest mistakes or other possible origins of the grossly misaligned data points discovered thus far. Barnett smiled and asked hypothetically, "Wouldn't it be crazy if they already had this information? What if they already had this information and they just need to legally assess it now?" Josh responded, "It's called parallel construction." Barnett said they know what happened there's no doubt in his mind they're all going to be held accountable.

Rightside Baddie asked if the left or right offers more resistance towards this audit and Barnett explained that there's resistance on both sides but, "It's the Bar Association. The Bar is so dang crooked, and they control and dictate everything." He continued by explaining that he predicted that a new case from a July 20th just one day prior in Georgia would be dismissed and his prediction was vindicated when it was in fact immediately dismissed as we've seen with many other cases previously brought forth. He said we need to bring these cases up with the legislature, because the people are in control at that point.

Barnett demonstrates the power of bringing something to the light when it is in the dark by utilizing affidavits and notices by laying out the overall communication to be interpreted as, "Hey, we know what you're doing, we're not going to put up with it, and we want it corrected, and if you don't we're going to financially penalize you. And when you have 10,000 people doing it like DePerno had..." "...The legislators there changed their tune when they figured out what that was doing.", "That's what we've done everywhere."

Josh Barnett explains why bringing up fraud isn't the best strategy at this point. Instead they bring up maladministration, because maladministration is provable and a valid reason to request a new election. He pointed out that in the Virginia Constitution Bill of Rights Article III, it states that even the danger of maladministration allows reformation or abolishment of government but actual maladministration is easily provable still and we think anybody can see that. One interesting fact about state's constitutions often overlooked even by many Constitutional lawyers is that they are applicable across the country because we are united.

Utilizing this method is powerful and effective as we've seen demonstrated as this global conspiracy continues to unfurl and begin to show some glimmers that should not be taken for granted. Barnett explains it is very easy for some states to mirror this technique but puts emphasis on one critical component of what makes it so effective, and that's education everybody on the constitution and to be able to understand why this is working, so you can stand by it and be confident in what you're doing and saying when being challenged by others.

Josh Barnett and Jenna Ellis had a back and forth on Twitter prior to this interview. Jenna Ellis was the Trump campaign's senior legal adviser who had said in the past that there was no remedy for the presidential election situation. Barnett put a poll up asking who would win a constitutional argument for a remedy to the presidential election, Josh Barnett and David Jose, versus Jenna Ellis and anybody else. 80% of people polled so far have chosen Barnett and David. Joshua said that, "Jenna Ellis should go back to being a traffic attorney." This likely stems from her apparent under performance or possible disregard for truth. Barnett believes him and Jenna Ellis would probably agree on 90% or more on many things when it comes to a conservative platform but when she said there was no remedy to the election he had to wonder if she was a deep state plant.

Barnett explained that when people like General Flynn, Mike Lindell, Patrick Byrne, hear this and put this information out on their platforms to 85 million individuals, the people who know how to fight and stand up for their rights will be an unstoppable force and that this has to potential to flip the nation in as soon as 30-60 days. In response Joshua said, "I can imagine that this is going to happen, and I can see it coming, because I don't think that anything can really stop what is coming, but also on the same note, we have to look at the deep state, the cabal, whatever we want to call them, there's going to be retaliation. They're not just going to lay over and give up power. It's not going to happen. That's the sad thing." Barnett concurred and said they expect that they fight to the death but remained confident in his will to do his part to stave them off.

Below are two relevant quotes that Josh Barnett shares on his website that many Americans resonate with strongly.

"When once a Republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil." Thomas Jefferson
Amendment II "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

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