RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 209 | Craig "Sawman" Sawyer - Veterans For Child Rescue

Tonight (8/17/2021), Craig "Sawman" Sawyer banded together with Joshua Reid, Jason Reid and Vince Tagliavia in a discussion with respect to his admirable dedication of raising awareness of the epidemic of child trafficking, the border crisis, Kabul, deceitful media, psychological warfare, communism, socialism, Marxism, genocide, globalism, and censorship of truth among many other topics.

Craig Sawyer grew up in a strong Christian family and was very inspired by that foundation. Good and Evil for him has been easy to differentiate throughout his life. He is the founder of and got his start in the U.S. Marine Corps. He was in the U.S. Navy and pursued Special Operations as a U.S Navy SEAL. Additionally, he was an Operator on the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU). Sawyer is the Executive Producer of Contraland, "A shocking documentary about sex trafficking in America."

Regarding the many counter intuitive scenarios at the border such as the uncontrolled allowance of the flow of illegal immigrants, Sawyer says, "There's a long list of things that are wrong," then he asks, "Why? Why are the people the we supposedly elected acting in a way that is directly and obviously counter to our best interest, and why are we allowing it?" Those of us who can see past the veil agree it's time to share more information because of this point; he said, "I think when the average American citizen is finally educated and is aware of that fact, that the government solutions always involve taking more of our freedom and liberty, that it will be harder to pull this scam..." Not only does this seem apparent but also necessary just so we can begin to pull ourselves out of this ever increasing decay of what was quantitatively better just 6 months ago across the board.

Sawyer showed absolute condemnation with how Kabul, Afghanistan was abandoned recently calling it a, "Botched extract." The loss of human lives and suffering was pointed out and he said, "All of the interpreters, intel assets, allies and trusting friends that we've built relationships with over decades, promising them that we would protect them if the helped us; helped our nation. They believed it because they believed in the United States that we grew up in and they knew that we would help them. And to see that they were betrayed, abandoned, runaway in a reckless ridiculous, frantic, panic, like what Joe Biden just allowed to happen is unthinkable for any of us that have friends..." Many people who helped the U.S. risked it all and suffered tremendous consequences for taking the risk in helping liberate their country. "It's only someone who lacks all manner of human compassion or honor or decency that would abandon people like that..." Sawyer said.

"We have to now coordinate, educate and collectively turn this around." Craig Sawyer
"Right now they have a mountain of evidence that would put thousands if not tens of thousands of people away for crimes against the United States, serious crimes."

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