Constitution Day: "Liberty, once lost, is lost forever" [John Adams]

Constitution day marks the day in 1787 that the Constitutional Convention finished drafting the Constitution of the United States. This highest law in the land ensures no laws are passed superseding this document's foundational principles. It also establishes the procedures for how the government will operate. The Constitution wasn't written to restrain people's behavior, it was written to restrain the government's.

The Federalist papers are instrumental in working in tandem with the other founding documents like the Declaration of Independence.

The famous first three words in the constitution are WE THE PEOPLE because this is a core principle of our country. The U.S. Constitution was not just written to set up the US government, it exists for the people, by the people to provide a means of upholding our freedoms and ensuring the people retain ultimate power over their fates. Colonists fought for independence from Great Britain to acquire this Liberty and freedom for the people and our founding fathers created the U.S. constitution.

On this day many solute the flag in observance, honor, and respect of the Constitution and reflect on their favorite amendments and the importance of these documents that are the guide stones to freedom seekers around the world.


#ConstitutionDay trends on twitter today as people observe.





Today the 20th Annual Constitution Day is observed by the Cato Institute with "A Look at the 2021 Terms". Video and schedule linked below.

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