Chuck Schumer Hits Brakes: Gun Control Vote Will Have to Wait

By: Breitbart

On Wednesday Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) hit the brakes on the idea of a quick gun control vote, making clear a vote on more gun restrictions will have to wait.

Breitbart News pointed to a report the New York Times published Tuesday which said Schumer was moving quickly to “force” a vote on gun control in the Senate.

The Times noted, “Within hours of the shooting in Uvalde, Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and the majority leader, moved to clear the way to force votes in coming days on legislation that would strengthen background checks for gun purchasers, pushing to revive measures with broad appeal that Republicans have blocked in the past.”

But on Wednesday the Hill reported that Schumer informed his Democrat colleagues a gun control vote will have to wait because there are not enough Republican votes to get anything passed.

Schumer said:

There are some who want this body to quickly vote on sensible gun safety legislation, legislation supported by the vast majority of Americans. They want to see this body vote quickly so the American people can know which side each senator is on. … I’m sympathetic to that, and I believe that accountability votes are important.

“Sadly,” he added, “this isn’t a case of the American people now knowing where their senators stand. They know. They know because my Republican colleagues are perfectly clear on this issue. Crystal clear.”

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