Build back better, a road map to Authoritarianism

In Glenn Beck's show titled "Is the UK’s New COVID Travel Pass the Start of TOTAL SURVEILLANCE?" He discusses how the Build Back Better funding absolutely can not go through. It is laying the foundation for a totalitarian government here in the US. We, as Americans have allowed this to happen through our lack of interest, the media's inability to make it interesting, and the government thinking we're not intelligent enough or emotionally capable of handling what's coming.

Glenn goes on to say that If they took the time to partner with the American people, we could all work together to find a way to keep our freedoms and navigate our way through this new world we're entering into. However, they believe that freedom is going to be replaced with some form of authoritarianism, so the banks, governments, and big corporations have partnered together to survive what's coming and you are going to have to just accept it. The world is not going to just take it though. They have underestimated the will of the people.

Those who are trying to force this authoritarianism on all of humanity have found a way to coerce, frighten and force their will upon us. Throughout all of Europe, you can see the implementation of these authoritarian measures. The NHS in the UK just released their new Covid Pass for domestic travel app. The app is owned and run by the NHS which stores all of your health information, including vaccination status.

Glenn shared information he found from a document listed on the UK government website of listed publications,, that stated any data collected on your phone from this app was completely private, but included information relating to an individuals physical/mental health conditions along with vaccination events. It is hard to see how an individuals physical and mental health relates to their vaccination status.

Other information that is collected and could be integrated into the app at a later date, is information relating to family and individual lifestyle and social circumstances, as well as information pertaining to your ethnic origin, and genetic biometrics details that could be used to uniquely identify an individual. Further information that's collected is your criminal convictions and any alleged criminal behavior, along with your political opinions. This is all information that is currently not integrated into the app, but could be at a later point in time.

Essentially this is the beginning of a social credit ID card/Passport system. This is how they will control your ability to work and rent housing. This is what the Build Back Better agenda is working towards if we don't find a way to stop it. We should not be modeling our system after the British system of government. We fought and won a war over that very system 250 years ago. Why bring it back now?

Big tech has been working for years on slowly introducing this kind of surveillance state into our lives through the products and services we use, such as Apple watches which are capable of reading our biometrics and monitoring everything we do, and Amazon's Alexa system which can turn our lights on and off and change the radio station for us, all while learning our habits, behaviors and how to influence our decision. Make no mistake that this is the direction in which we're headed.

Look at Norway, and their implementation of a chip implant into people's hands. It collects their biometric data, and constantly monitors and tracks you through GPS. You ask yourself how they convince people to accept this kind of surveillance. All they have to do is convince you that it is for the benefit of humanity. They target your emotions by giving examples of how that GPS could track your child should they become separated from you. "If we could just save one missing child, it would all be worth it". The next thing you know, you're giving away your rights and your freedoms.

Nothing is worth giving up your freedoms, ever. Once they're gone, you don't get them back. The world is not a better place because of all the lockdowns and tyrannical mandates we've been living under. There is nowhere in the world where they were able to stop Covid from spreading and mutating. But the government is here to help, you just have to give up your freedoms, or you could start regaining your freedoms by saying no to their technology and their tyrannical orders that benefit no one. Take off that Apple watch and regain control of your life.

Watch Glenn Beck's interview here:

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