Biden DOJ Drops Probe Into Nursing Home Deaths By Complicit Governors

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

(Decentralized Media) In a not so shocking turn of events, the Biden Department of Justice has decided to drop the investigation into the Democrat Governors of Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey this week. In the letter sent this Friday, the DOJ’s Office of Legislative Affairs informed US Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), ranking member of that House Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis that they would not proceed with the investigations.

These investigations originally started under President Donald Trump in August of 2020 when his administration requested the data on the nursing home deaths due to COVID from each individual state. This came under the scrutiny due to the fact that these governors had issued Executive Orders through the Emergency Declaration that allowed the nursing homes and acute care facilities to admit COVID positive patients into their facilities. The COVID Virus which was known at the time to have a higher mortality rate to people with comorbidities, spread within them like wildfire and cause massive infections and death.

It doesn't come as a shock that these four states had some of the highest numbers of COVID reported deaths. Representative Scalise who has pushed for more investigation into this matter was appalled by the DOJ's decision and called it "outrageous".

This move by the DOJ is just another step towards the authoritative police state we have all been warning about. This is just another example of the political weaponization of the Department of Justice, from the unconstitutional detention of the January 6th protesters, the fake witch hunt into President Trump and now the ending of an investigation that was looking into intentional acts of neglect and death by sitting Democrat governors. With the Biden Administrations focus on their new definition of "radical extremist", which places gun loving, flag waving, patriotic Trump supporters and veterans into a category of potential terrorists. It is safe to say we can begin to see more destabilization of the DOJ towards a radicalized police force that acts more like the Nazi Gestapo than a Constitutional institution.

This focus within the Biden Administration has more recently has been towards the second amendment and Biden's ATF Director, David Chipman. He is an outspoken former Special Agent of the ATF that has publicly called for more restrictions and gun bans on Americans. We see the Biden Administration moving towards policies that will seemingly infringe even deeper into the second amendment, calling for a national gun registry. If history reminds of anything, it is that this tactic was exactly the same one used in Nazi Germany, Communist China and in Fidel Castro's Cuba.

In some respect I think we all know that the precipice is upon us. All of these signs mark clear indications that the Biden Administration is preparing to utilize the institutions of our government as political weapons to suppress their opposition. With the opposition being clearly defined by the administration, we see a more sinister perspective evolve that this preparation is has long since been implemented in other global structures. Most notably, the World Economic Forum and their ESG Standardization.

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards that are being implemented globally into the private sectors of business and corporations shows us that the next phase that will soon be rolling out. Once the governments establish a narrative of opposition and weaponize their institutions against, businesses and corporations will start implementing "See Something, Say Something" policies. We are already seeing this on social media platforms and very soon, in the workplace.

This is where a co-worker or anonymous source can report a person for conduct or just about anything they believe fits the governments definition of "extremism". For example, think about being reported simply for having a Trump sticker on your vehicle or talking about hunting and the type of guns you use. These ESG standards will play into this where the business would be risking its Social "Credit" score by keeping that employee employed. It is safe to assume that once a government position is established and in full effect, this would be the next phase of rollout for the globalists agenda. It seems that the globalists who are perpetuating this agenda realize that they will have massive resistance if it rolled out without disguise. To get around this problem they have developed a system where those that could potentially be opposition now become social targets and suffer economically and socially.

In summary, the dropping of this investigation by the DOJ is just a small little piece of a larger agenda. The political weaponization of the Department of Justice, ATF and other government institutions is a red flag of what is to come. Although an indicator, this is just a drop of water into the ocean of the authoritative implementation of the global government. Expect much more coming very soon.

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