BREAKING: GUILTY!!! AZ Senate Debunks The Lefts "Big Lie"

Article By: Joshua Reid & RightSide Baddie

AZ Audit Summary from the Investigative work of Cyber Ninjas

  • 20,000 people where removed from the voter rolls after the election

  • 70,000 more mail in ballots where received than mailed out.

  • 11,000 voters where not on the voter rolls at the time they voted but "magically" appeared on December 4th.

  • Ballot boxes where unsecure and full of random papers including scrap papers.

  • No Security Updates to the machines in over a year

  • No system logs where provided to the auditors.

A day after the US Congress opens a probe into the Arizona Election Auditor, Cyber Ninjas and issues a request for documents, a surprise hearing took place today in Arizona with Senate President Karen Fann presiding. Representatives from Cyber Ninjas testified with the initial assessment of their findings and a request for information from Maricopa County.

To say the least, the testimony that was given today was at a minimum explosive. It brings about more questions than answers, but the one sure thing we can take out of the events of today and the investigative work of Cyber Ninjas is that there are some major problems and discrepancies with data uncovered.

One major discrepancy was with what is known as EV32 and EV33 validation. This is the record files of sent out mail in ballots (EV32) versus received main in ballots (EV33). The investigators found a major discrepancy of in excess 72,000 ballots more received than were documented to have been sent out. This information was obtained through an FOIA request by the investigators to Maricopa County.

This brings about some startling revelations, either Maricopa County has a major clerical issue with record keeping, presented the investigators with incorrect information or we are seeing the first signs of potential undeniable voter fraud.

For instance, in the days after the 2000 US Presidential Election, Florida Supreme Court issued a stay for Bush, citing "irreputable harm that could befall Bush as the recount would cast a needless and unjustifiable cloud over Bush's legitimacy". This was over the suspected ballot box defect that caused an over 64,000 vote tabulation error, which lost Bush the election. Eventually, this was overturned by the Supreme Court and Florida was given to Bush.

Justice John Paul Stevens was quoted as saying "counting ever legal cast vote can not constitute irreparable harm".

If this same legal precedence was applied to Arizona with just the information from the EV32/33 data which correlates a 72,000+ ballot discrepancy we should have seen a stay issued for President Trump in the same likes as President Bush until further investigations could be concluded. Unfortunately this is not what we saw. Although with these new discoveries, we can begin to see the signs of the potential for more subpoena's and investigative oversight into this manner and potentially a reevaluation of the Arizona Election Certification.

This story gets even more interesting as we deep dive into the cyber security aspect of the investigations preliminary findings. Ben Cotton, CEO of Cyfir, an expert in digital forensics states the chain of custody process by which his company and Cyber Ninjas took possession of the hardware and software given to them by Maricopa County. This process, which includes Machine Digest 5 (MD5) Hashing, Forensic Disk Controllers, 24/7 video surveillance over chain of custody and US Government Certified and inspected storage devices, contradicts what Secretary of State Katie Hobbs claimed was "tampering" done to these devices and software's due to a failure in chain of custody.

What was actually discovered, was that the chain of custody was broken by Maricopa County and not Cyber Ninjas. As the data shows this occurred because of Maricopa Counties cloning of 11 Election Management System hard-drives that did not use a forensically secure process, as prescribed by the Senate request. This error by Maricopa County caused the digital time stamps of these hard-drives to become altered in the cloning process therefore invalidating the actuality of the data.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the initial assessment into the cyber related failures that were noted by Ben Cotton and Doug Logan. It was noted that they took into possession 385 Dominion Tabulators, Election Management System Servers, Physical devices correlating to the EMS Function and Adjudication Function and many other data hard-drives.

From their Cyber Forensics investigation they found major vulnerabilities with the 385 Tabulator devices. and the Election Management System, plus the noted chain of custody issues. For instance, they discovered that the Maricopa County Cyber Security System was poorly maintained, that many of the EMS and Tabulator systems did not have updated security patches and software updates. This brings about a "Major vulnerability" as discussed by Ben Cotton. On the 385 tabulator machines, the software was updated on the date of install which was August of 2019, more than a year before the election. This contradicts the validation and certification process of these tabulators which is supposed to occur prior to each election.

The investigators have requested multiple times for Maricopa County to turn over Router data, configuration files and packet data. Maricopa County has claimed this data would compromise ongoing Law Enforcement Investigations and Personal Identifiable information (PII) of Maricopa County residents. This claim of the county has been argued by the investigators as "just not true" stating that the data requested is encrypted packet data and more specific to who is sending the data and where the data is being sent to.

This information is vital, because the forensic audit conducted keyword searches of all the devices obtained looking for specific anomalies like external internet connection, anomalous or unauthorized search's, malware and they also created virtual systems to perform a live function analysis on the data to capture a "real time" perspective.

The data found within the capacity of this forensic audit would have to be compared with the router data, more specifically, the auditors would want to look for the specific devices and origination of these data packets and external connections. This can be done with the obtainment of the IP Addresses and MAC Addresses which are contained on the Router files that Maricopa County will not release.

Mr. Cotton noted after a questions from the Senate Committee about how severe are these vulnerabilities, that a "script kitty" or novice hackers could penetrate these devices in less then 10 minutes and get to access to the data. As declared before by Mr. Cotton this was a "High Level Vulnerability".

Among the other pieces to this puzzle, the investigators showed many anomalies within their findings. One example of this was the Voter Registration data which found well over 18,000 voters who were not on the voter registration file maintained by the country on November 3rd but "magically" appeared in the registration database after December 4th, this is according to Maricopa Counties own records and data.

In summary, this preliminary assessment brings about some major revelations about elections in Maricopa County and more specifically the 2020 Presidential Election in the United States of America. The investigators has asked the Senate for more subpoenas, the ability to canvass voters and for the cooperation of Maricopa County in handing over the requested files, data and information.

Of these major revelations is the incredibly high number of ballots on demand with errors of over 160,000 ballots, well over 25,000 duplicate ballots that are unaccounted for, unsecured ballots boxes found with random documents and scrap paper, massive numbers of voters removed from the voter rolls after the election, over 70,000 more ballots received than sent out and this is just the beginning.

We are seeing major breaks in the chain of custody from Maricopa County and many points of failure within their entire Election Management System from the people involved to the digital systems implemented. It would be difficult to view every single one of these occurrences as mere coincidence, as we all know, there is no such thing as coincidence. With the current data and information presented by the investigators we can see that there should have been major red flags prior to the election validation. All of this information was known to Maricopa County prior to December 14th and January 20th, yet investigations were denied and highly criticized by Democrats and Maricopa County administrators. One can only wonder why.

It is interesting to note that Biden ultimately won Arizona by a mere 10,457 votes over Trump, that is less than a .3% margin. With everything presented today we can without a shadow of a doubt say that the Arizona Election Certification should have at a minimum been postponed until a proper investigation had been conducted, especially with such a thin margin of "victory".

Now with the US Congress attempting to investigate the investigators, which brings about a level of unconstitutional authority on behalf of the federal government pertaining to the 10th Amendment and separation of powers, this whole rabbit hole will begin to get more interesting from this point. We can assume after the evidence presented today that the Arizona Senate will issue the requested canvassing of voters and the subpoena of the pertinent router information requested by the investigators. Without a doubt, the AZ Democrats and Maricopa County Board have some serious questions to answer, neglect to account for and potentially something more serious down the road.

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