Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 211 | AZ Audit Update - Josh Barnett & Dave Jose

Today 8/19/2021 Joshua Reid and Vince Tagliavia were joined by an enthusiastic, righteous duo, Josh Barnett and David Jose to discuss the Arizona audit as well as the constitution and bill of rights of various states. A principal component of Barnett's and Dave Jose's calling is to educate people. By helping individuals understand their rights, the future status quo of the United States of America is guided towards that of which is exclusively led by the will of the people. Thanks to the genius innovative groundwork the founding fathers established, the path forward is clear once we're able to shine a light on what we didn't know, we didn't know.

Josh Barnett and David Jose were, and continue to be, instrumental in being the tip of the spear with the Arizona election audit. As a result many states are now on the cusp of their own forensic audits. The methodology utilized in these states mirrors Arizona via the utilization of legal notices and notarized affidavits imposed by the people.


When asked about Arizona's status Josh Barnett said, "The initial final report for the forensic audit in Maricopa is going to be given to the Senate tomorrow (8/20/2021)." As far as when it is likely be made public Barnett expects, "...early next week..." due to the review process.

Joshua Reid asked Barnett if anything ever happened with the router data. Barnett said, "Not yet. We showed them a way to use the legislative warrant, it hasn't been turned over. The routers the passwords but especially the spunk logs." "All of the data is in there." Although there's enough info now to take action everything must be uncovered ideally.


When discussing state constitutions and how important it is to know and how surprising it is that it isn't common knowledge Barnett said,

"It's so blatant that in Article 2 Section 4H (of the Michigan Constitution) it literally says as one of the people you could call a forensic audit, and you don't need to prove fraud, you don't need to prove anything."


David Jose is an absolute wizard when it comes to law and said, ""The law clearly says that we have the right to instruct our representatives." He has a very simplistic way of breaking down examples of law utilizing logical analogies with direct verbatim references to those laws. David Jose explained that slaves became indentured servants after being slaves back in the day by signing a contract to serve for money. He goes on, "The government officials have what's called a trust indenture, the constitution that they swear an oath to. They're indentured servants. A little bit higher than a slave, and they're trying to tell us that they get to vote on our rights. But the law says the declarations and the bills of rights of every state that you don't get to write bills against our rights, you don't get to make ex post facto laws, bills of attainder, or laws going against the obligation or interfering with the obligation of contract..." He continues,

"They can't make laws against our liberty interests. So, they serve us. We're just not telling them what to do as our employees for our company we created."

Understanding law is crucial in what appears to be the only path forward toward the salvation of the USA. We the people are the answer in bringing the future we want in our country, lawfully, through the pathways we have in front of us. I highly recommend watching this extended episode because as Barnett explains,

"This is how we win."

Other topics covered:

How David Jose was brought to learn law

Demanding Constitutional Rights

Trump's 1700 trafficker clean up

Child services


People vs Persons









Corporations vs Associations

Craig "Sawman" Sawyer


Conflicts of Interest

Immune System


Board of Supervisors


Mike Lindell

General Flynn

Lin Wood

Kandiss Taylor


know your rights ebook by Josh Barnett

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