Australian Billionaire Clive Palmer defends informed consent and boldly exposes corruption

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

On Sept 14, 2021, the United Australia Party published a video on their Youtube channel titled, "Clive Palmer Press conference - Freedom of choice - Important information for all Australians". (video and full transcript below) After watching the interview and listening closely, I've realized, this is not only important information for all Australians but is applicable to all free people globally. He doesn't hold back in answering the questions honestly and boldly during the press conference.

In this video he Chairman Clive Palmer calls for courage and resilience with the crisis they're facing. They plan on having the largest membership of any political party in Australia after 46,000 joined the party recently. This is an indication that Australians are not happy with their politicians.

It appears Clive Palmer and his party are working to expose the corruption we're seeing worldwide and hold individuals responsible for any potentially unlawful acts they've participated in.

When answering questions Clive Palmer said the following:

If you want to get the jab or you don't want to get the jab is a matter of personal choice. but the Helsinki Accords and the Nuremberg Declaration all say that people are entitled to informed consent.
People are entitled to what the truth is because the media won't tell them
There's been no covid samples in Australia that they've been able to correlate testing by. they've relied on overseas studies and overseas things provided by pharmaceutical companies. More concerning to me personally is fact that both pfizer and astrozenica would not allow their products to be sold in Australia unless the Australian government gave them the full indemnity that if they killed anyone or maimed them that they would not be responsible but the government would be.
She's [the premier is] being directed by lobbyist in Syndey who's being payed by Astrazeneca and by Pfizer, tens of millions of dollars to get these policies through to make sure the vaccine is pushed. You asked a question and I gave you the answer, and that's my personal knowledge and I'm happy to make a statement here, to police or anyone if they want to know what's going on.
Back in Nuremberg in 1947 the international court of Justice said that was wrong (forced medical treatment).... ....Section 51.23.a of the Australian constitution prohibits coercion in relation to medical practitioners...

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Who is Clive Palmer?

[In short] Clive Palmer born in 1954, is a successful businessman that has been involved in politics since the 1970s. Palmer studied law in his early days eventually working as a clerk for the Public Defender's office. In the '80s Palmer was a real estate agent and did well enough on the Gold Coast to "retire" before he was 30.

After his real estate venture, he went on to found multiple mining exploration companies. In the 2000s Palmer expanded by purchasing refineries. He has been a victim of many "witch hunts" and scrutiny which he claims are to, "Smear my good reputation" according to Palmer.

In March 2020 Palmer advertised personally funded doses of hydroxychloroquine and the TGA stated that it was considering legal action against him for doing so. Later it was confirmed that a written agreement showed plans of the federal health department and Palmer to import hydroxychloroquine for emergency use. In June 2021 Queensland radio network stopped playing Palmer's advertisement. It was reported that Palmer sent letters to households across Australia urging against vaccination for Covid-19.

More recently, in July 2020, Palmer claimed it was unconstitutional and challenged the Western Australian legislation in Federal Court after they closed the borders. This led to Mark McGowan labeling Palmer an "enemy of the state". At the end of the battle in Nov, 2020 the legislation was upheld by the High Court.

Clive Palmer wants businesses and borders in Australia to be opened. He stands for freedom of choice and informed consent. He appears to be pushing for freedom for the people of Australia and faces strong resistance from the corrupt media and current Australian government.



Clive Palmer: "Well, good morning, everybody. Thank you for coming. We meet today in a, in a city, known for its strength in a country with citizens known for their courage. And we've never needed more courage and resilience with a crisis facing Australia. Today, I want to just run through a few things which I think the public should be aware of have the right to know. But before I do, I want to pay homage to Craig Kelly, the excellent leadership he's provided the nation. He's been the primary person responsible for what it is today 46,000 Australians joining our party.

I think when we set up the LNP, the most people that joined the party was 695 in one day. When Craig Kelly announced that he was a leader in the party, our membership went up by 5000 people in 24 hours. So that's an indication that people in Australia are not happy, that aren't happy with their politicians that aren't happy with what they're doing.

But today I want to talk about John Skerritt from the TGA. I want to respond to a article that was written by David Crowe and the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday, where he said that the TGA was considering legal action or criminal charges against leader Craig Kelly, for a tweet that he put out, and that tweet was authorized on but he will authorize the tweet on behalf of the United Australia party. And as chairman of that party. I'm here now to to explain to you what it was. First of all, what was tweeted was a copy of the TGA's UN report, which I think is all being circulated here. I've got a copy of it. It was a government report.

So it's an extraordinary situation where you've got a member of the Australian House of Representatives being attacked for doing nothing more than circulating a government report. First of all, the United Australia party welcomes any legal action against Mr. Kelly, we look forward to it as an opportunity when John Sarah himself can be subpoenaed, can be asked the questions about the 493 Australians that have died after having the vaccine. You can be asked to say for the court and for the Australian people, what were the causes of death? And what did the TGA do to investigate that and why is it justified to continue the roll-out?

Secondly, we can ask Mr. skerrick, on oath about the 46,000 adverse reports

that his office has received, about what he's done about it. And thirdly, we can raise

the question of how he's threatened media owners with the cancellation of

advertising. If journalists publish anything to do with a contrary view of the

government and his attack on the freedom of speech.

That'll also be a great opportunity to subpoena Greg Han to bring him before the courts, so he can explain his actions as a minister. They'll also be a great

opportunity to subpoena Greg Hahn to bring him before the courts, so he can explain his actions as a minister. Of course, Craig Kelly has nothing to fear from circulating Australian government report. He has nothing to fear or be intimidated about the resources. He has the resources to defend himself. He has the resources to expose what's happening with the TGA and a serious questions got to be asked with Mr. Skerritt, who is responsible for regulating drugs in this country. When we see him in a white coat on television, promoting vaccines, is a serious conflict of interest between a regulator promoting a company's product.

So we look forward to the United Australia party with John Skerrit being true to his word, commencing a legal proceeding to allow the real relevant evidence to be brought before the court.

I will also say that, on behalf of the party, we'll be standing candidates in 151 seats in a house of representatives in the Senate. And you've probably seen over night how Wayne has won the president Labour Party has started to tremble in fear.

He's got no chance in government because there's a great coalition in this country at the moment between the liberal and Labour Parties. They represent the real coalition to deny people the chance at election time. And he knows that labour will not become the next government of this country. And we're targeting those seats and we expect to be very successful. Our initial polling indicates that the overwhelming public support that we've had in membership indicates that I will be moving on in the next two to three weeks to make a number of serious policy announcements about others the economy, besides just concentrating on lockdowns and vaccination policy, we have to think about how we're going to get the economy moving. And how are we going to bring Australia back to where it should be to full employment and freedom across our borders.

So maybe with that, you may have some questions you want to

ask me I'm more than happy to answer them."

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