Australia: Queensland Police Face Suspension Without Pay if They Don't get the Jab

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Queensland police face a damning ultimatum. Get the jab or don't come to work. Many of the police will not consent.

Commissioner Katarina Carrol APM email stated, "From 5 October 2021 an employee who refuses to follow the Direction ... will be provided with seven days to state why suspension without pay should not be implemented."

One experienced officer estimated the number of affected officers to be 10%, but the actual numbers are not clear. A report estimates at least 30 cops are fighting the mandate.

Darren Dixon explained some Constitutional Guarantees recently. The Helsinki Accord, Nuremberg Code and the Australian Constitution Section 51.23a provide protections for everybody. The Constitution says the Parliament can not impose civil conscription.

Civil conscription means forcing a civilian to do anything. The vaccine and other mandates we face are voluntary and based on consent. It can be considered assault if carried out. This is backed up in the 1946 referendum. Multiple cases have interpreted that section of the act solidifying you can not be forced against your will to take an experimental jab you're not in agreement with for any reason.

In Western Australia, they have laws stating they can impose medical procedures without your consent but this is in breach of the constitutional guarantee. This invalid state action should be scrutinized in court with respect to Section 109 of the constitution. Section 109 restrains laws of the state from conflicting and being inconsistent with laws of the commonwealth. This invalidates laws like this from the beginning.

In regards to medical procedures, there is a Dr. / patient relationship that is voluntary by consent, and no third party can get involved. Not even the government.

Pro-jab or anti-jab, our rights as people overtake any aspect of the low-IQ debate.

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