A Dance I Saw The Universe Do

When it comes to the nature of reality, the absolute, the essential truths, there is one so underestimated that when it is realized by man, it shall send waves through time and space. Issac Newton, a scientist, mathematician, a known occultist. A brilliant man, well ahead of his times with his visionary approaches to knowledge and the investigations into Natures Laws of Process.

There is one Law though that Newton discovered that sticks out among the others. It has an striking similarity to one of the Principles of Hermeticism. A swing to the left they say is a swing to the right. As Newton describes, for every actions there is an equal and opposite reaction. The Principle of Polarity embodies the idea that everything is dual, everything has two poles, and everything has its opposite. All extremes meet. A swing to the left is a swing to the right.

Meaning that if a left mind were to unbalance off course, it would have an equal unbalance in the right mind. What Newton was trying to tell the physics community was that there is more to the Nature of reality than just physical action. Everything that pertains to the physical world outwardly, is a mere reflection of everything working inwardly.

Let me tell you about a Dance I saw the Universe do.

It was late, 2am to be exact. It was myself and my best friend sitting next to a fire. The air was clean, crisp. The night was clear and full of stars. The conversation was about mind, energy, quantum possibilities A moment of silence came about us. We realized we had let the fire die out to burning embers. I looked down and what I saw amazed me. It filled me with joy and anticipation. Thoughts started to flow. The voice in my head said truth has just been realized and understood. Within those embers on that night I saw the dance that the Universe does. I saw a flickering, a fluctuation of the embers, one after another. It became so clear. As one combustion reaction occurred and released heat, the heat immediately effected all the embers and they all would all momentarily increase their current energy state and come to a flicker and fluctuation. They reacted perfectly to the action that took place. A manifestation of Newtons third law being played out with complex beauty and precision right before my eyes.

Every action producing a reaction. Every reaction creating a new subset of sympathetic actions, those sympathetic reactions lasting mere instances before being induced with a new superset of combustion reactions, so on and so forth. It was dance. A beautiful dance of natures simplicity wrapped within moments of complex interactions. The universe was unveiling its mysteries to me. I am nobody. It was just at that moment I had decided to accept what was. It is the gift that is given whenever we decide.It is given to each one of us if only we only pay attention. The fire didn't require belief or faith. It didn't ask for my worship or promise me salvation. It only required me to pay attention. To participate. To open my mind and see it for what it was..

Truth. As above, so below. The message had been received.

Just as the pebble is dropped into the ocean and causes a stir, its ripples pulsating out to subtly effect every drop of water in existence of that ocean, so do the drops subtly push back to the pebble. Within this lesson, this dance is a wealth of information as to how we create our reality and how our reality can create us. On this night, the Universe showed me it's sacred dance.


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