3 Likely Scenarios For The Midterm Elections

It's All Corrupt. There Is No Stopping What Is Coming. You Can't Tell The People, You Must Show Them.

Author: Joshua Reid, Founder Redpill Project (https://redpills.tv) - Original Article on Substack.

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With the US Midterm Elections coming up in November, American’s have begun the primary season and started the process of selecting their preferred candidates to help save America. Unfortunately, we are seeing the same indications that something is incredibly wrong with the voting process, even in the Republican primaries.

This is something I have been verbal about for some time. Voter fraud is not a leftist strategy to steal elections. It is instead a tool used by both political parties to retain power and usurp the American voter in a game of deception.

Have you ever wondered why after the 2020 Presidential Election the GOP was astonishingly silent about the voter fraud that had just occurred? Did it surprise you that only a few representative spoke up and then after January 6th were silenced? Why aren’t Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan and others screaming at the top of their lungs about the voter fraud that occurred in 2020 especially now with Joe Biden running the country into the ground?

The reason is simple…

Because almost all elections are stolen, even for the Republicans!

It is the best insurance policy that a political machine would have so that their base of power cannot be disturbed. Steal the election on both sides and transition power every so often to make it appear like it is legitimate. This was the threat that the GOP leadership were met with after the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. The ultimatum was either make it disappear or go down with the ship. The Republican establishment, along with their political cronies acquiesced to the higher authority of the Deep State and played along with the coup.

So what does this mean for the 2022 Midterm Elections?

Let us not forget the California Recall Election was stolen. The New Jersey Governor Election was stolen, Virginia was almost stolen, many run-offs were stolen. Just recently we saw the GOP in Georgia steal the Primaries from the populist candidates and hand it over to the Chinese funded establishment candidate.

With this all being the most likely scenario and the reason for the GOP silence on widespread election fraud and the coup of our country from a radicalized left, we are most likely going to see one of three scenarios play out in the 2022 midterms.

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The Mail In Voter and Hacker Steal

The first likely scenario for the midterm elections is the same ole story as we have seen before. The left will perpetuate chaos before the election, starting in the summer with their peaceful activism called riots. Then we will see the media begin the campaign of the return of a new variant or a whole new virus all together which will prompt the illegitimate administration to begin lockdowns and push for mail-in-voting all over again.

This will hedge on a failing economy towards the end of the fiscal year (September) and the calls by all of Congress to pass an emergency spending bill which will fund the Ukraine Money Laundering Campaign, Student Loan Relief, Fund the Government till the end of the year and provide a small stimulus for the American people. This type of spending bill will be a temporary relief for the economy that will last just past the election time frame and give the left the social boost to claim that they legitimately won the election after the allegations come out that they once again, stole the election through voter fraud.

The Red Wave & Power To The People

The second scenario is the one I find most unlikely to happen. If you have not noticed, the Red Wave sentiment right now is very much similar to the pre 2020 election sentiment. Where Republicans were going into the election with the feeling that there was no way that the left could win. The polls, the preliminary results all showed that it was going to be a massive red wave. Lo and behold, the day after the election all of those dreams of the red wave were erased with rampant and massive allegations of voter fraud.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

We should not be fooled this easily this time around. The left cannot afford to lose power, especially to America First candidates that will hold them responsible for their sedition and treason to this country. If the America First candidate are successful with the red wave, then Joe Biden and Commie Kamala will most likely be impeached within the first month. The 2020 Election fraud investigations will begin and people and organizations will be help responsible. The economy would be rebuilt within a few months, Trump would most likely be brought back into power and the globalist agenda to destroy America would be set back for years to come.

In their minds, this cannot happen. The globalist agenda is in full swing and speeding up everyday. The Great Reset is less than a year away from full implementation. The radical left cannot and will not give up power and will scorch the Earth before they hand over the reigns of America.

With knowing this, we can assume that this scenario is highly unlikely. So what does that leave?

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The Great Setup & Beginning of The End of America

Right after the 2020 Elections were stolen I talked about how the Democrats and Radical Left will never give up power again. I discussed how once they had secured the political and military power, it would become impossible for the people to take back the country without a Constitutional Convention or a Revolution.

Over the past 5 years and more recently, the last 18 months we have seen the narrative play out that Trump is the one who actually steals elections and works with Russia. The January 6th Commission is hellbent on driving this narrative the Trump and his supporters are domestic terrorist and have formed a violent coup against institutions of this country. With this idea in mind, we can see how easy it will be for the next scenario to manifest during and after the 2022 Midterm Elections and for the radical left to steal the election, retain power and take down Trump, his supporters and even implement more gun control.

This scenario plays out with the media showing the polling to be close to even on both sides. We know that the polls have long since been manipulated and that we are in a battle of psychological warfare where information is the weapon. They will manipulate the polls to show that the left has a chance and potential to win. Even though we know there will be a massive red wave and that the left faces complete annihilation, they will use the mainstream media and social channels as a propagator of their agenda.

We have to keep in mind, that if the American First candidates win, this is not only the end of the Democratic Party, but also the beginning of them being held responsible for decades of treason, money laundering, voter fraud and in some cases more atrocious crimes against our countries.

Come election time we will see the Republican candidates sweep the radical left. A massive red wave will happen and people will be celebrating. The right will take back the House and the Senate and talks will begin of impeachment against Joe Biden and the nomination of Donald Trump as speaker of the House. The day after the election is where it begins to get crazy.

The left will begin to say that the election was stolen and that the right cheated. They will start bringing up evidence, similar to the evidence presented after the 2020 Presidential Election. Remember, the radical left are experts at projection. They will place their crimes on the right and flaunt it in their face.

Evidence will start pouring in that mail-in-ballots were overwhelmingly manipulated, that people who do not exist voted for American First candidates. We will start seeing the DOJ and CISA start saying that the voting machines were potential hacked by foreign actors (China, Russia). An investigation will pursue and by the end of December it will be shown by the radical left that the Republicans cheated with voter fraud to steal this election. The evidence will be overwhelming, as if the radical left knew exactly where to look to find it. That reason being because it will be the radical left that commits the voter fraud for the Republicans. They will use the same tactics they used in 2020 to steal this election, but instead of stealing it for themselves, which they know that the American people would immediately go to war with them over, they instead stole it for the Republicans.

In analyzing various scenarios, this one is the most likely. There is not a chance in hell that the radical left can win this election with the track record of the Biden Administration. The left will claim voter fraud, setup the stolen election for the Republicans, then introduce all the evidence to the DOJ and demand arrests.

Once this begins there will be massive public outcry. Joe Biden and his illegitimate organization will declare martial law and begin implementing Directive 51 and other PEADs (Presidential Emergency Action Documents) which will suspend due process, allow for the DOJ to begin arresting any dissenters and then call for the removal of the weapons for the right. They will attack and arrest anyone who tries to stop them and will go into full war mode claiming the the right is radical and just attempted another “coup” on the country.

In January, the new Congress will not be allowed to enter and the martial law will continue. This will most likely result in some type of Constitutional Convention after massive amounts of Americans are detained. The States will call for action through succession and removal of the Federal Charter and eventually the left will use their military and law enforcement to secure those States and remove those Legislatures and Governors, replacing them with people that are loyal to their cause.

In summary, we can see one of these three scenarios playing out in the 2022 Midterms. The most likely would be one where the radical left secures power and takes down anyone who stands in their way. Match this all up with the coming Firestorm Event that we have been watching unfold and you have the killshot for America that the globalist have been setting the world up for.

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America is the last beacon of hope to save this world. Liberty, Freedom, the sanctitude of Life depend on her survival. We are at a crossroads in our civilization. The radical left and the globalists have committed treason, genocide and massive atrocities against humanity. We are coming to the final battle for humanity. The only way it changes is if we unite against this radical agenda and defeat it through the power of the people granted to us by our creator.

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