Sorcery and the 2016 Presidential Election

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

This might not rub well with some. But it needs to be said.

There is a sickness within humanity. We deny this disease no matter what name it takes as it presents itself. Our apathy has become the treatment.

We think that clinging to polarized identifies that most well align with our belief structure will somehow cure us. We take sides. We yell, we scream. We get passionate and emotional. We support those that use words that strike deep inside.Yet we wake everyday still sick, living in a society of that breeds the symptoms.

In this post I will make two postulates pertaining to the 2016 Presidential. Whether you voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, it is irrelevant. You are a victim of some of the evilest and more powerful magic on this planet. Right now, you are a pawn. You are a slave on a chessboard, dragged to the mount for sacrifice before the dark lords of the occult.

To understand what I am about to present to you, you must first know a little bit about the topics we are talking about. Some of you might think you know what magic is. You might have a thorough understanding of Satanism from a Christian perspective. Whenever I mention the former and latter your first inclination is evil, paganism, the devil. Now I won't say you are wrong, because there is a side to magic that is similar to this. Although I guarantee you, it is not necessarily what you believe it to be.

"Magic is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will." ~AC

Will is defined as the alignment of selfless purpose, to the creative force that dwells within each of us, of which is guided by Natural Law and in harmony with the universal balance of powers, this can also be called Divine Will.

So what is Sorcery?

This can be defined almost the same with a slight change.

"Sorcery is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with your will." ~Mark Passio

Notice that this time the word "will" is not capitalized. The "will" being defined here is considered selfish will. Which is not always guided by Natural Laws and almost always out of harmony with the universal balance of powers. The seven deadly sins of the Abrahamic Religions are a prime example of this type of will.

Now at first glance, these definition might seem to be giving a perspective on selfish and unselfish thoughts and desires.

Simple thoughts, right?

The ordained student into the mysteries.

One day, if it ever happens, when you become ordained within the mystery schools, you will find out that throughout history these schools have hidden some very sacred and powerful knowledge from you. This knowledge transforms simple thoughts and desires into waves that reverberate through the Universe, leaving blueprints behind for matter and energy to conform to. This is the kind of stuff that they never told you in the movie the "Secret". Mostly because those people have no clue how this all works. If they did, the movie and book would have been free.

So how is society diseased?

What is this illness that the masses suffer from?

It is the plague of belief.

"Belief is the enemy to anyone seeking freedom or truth. Belief at it's roots is the cornerstone to fear. Understanding then, becomes the only true path of the Master" ~MHX

Yes, knowledge really is power. There is information out there right now in the world, that if you knew it, it could change almost every aspect of your life forever. I like to tell people all the time when talking about Occult topics, "belief is not required".

After which I usually find myself quoting the late Robert Anton Wilson in saying

"I don't believe in anything. The moment you choose to believe in something, you have limited your mind to any other possibility."

and I tend to think that

"Belief is the biggest enemy to the mind. It induces limitations that enslave the mind to rituals of control and manipulation which are usually orchestrated by external factors. The only true path for the Mind then, is through understanding."

Imagine for a moment. What you believe in is that which enslaves you. I usually get criticized by those that do not understand what I am talking about. They say to me,

"So what, you do not believe in gravity?"

My reply,

"Does gravity require a belief to exist? Does gravity need your belief to effect you? Gravity doesn't give a shit what you believe. Gravity is a principle upon matter and energy. Principles do not require belief, but to know them, to master them, they do require understanding."

The Veil of Sorcery and the 2016 Presidential Election

The 2016 Presidential Election was rigged.

Yes I said it.

How do we know?

It is pretty obvious when you look back at everything that has occurred.

If you are a Clinton supporter reading this right now, you are thinking...

"I knew it! So glad someone agrees with me"

If you are a Trump supporter reading this, you are probably looking for the back button.

Don't leave yet. This is about to get good and all of you need to hear this.

How is it that the mainstream media that were on the Democrats payroll were so confident that Hillary would win?

How is it that every leading member of the Democratic party did not flinch an eye when questions about whether Hillary would win the election were asked?

She stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

She also had the election rigged so that she could not lose.

Is it that hard to believe...

Let's analyze this for a moment. Then let's see how Donald Trump rigged the election. Yes, this was a double whammy.

This was her team at the time of the election.

  • Executive Branch of the United States Government,

  • Strategic high ups at the Department of Justice,

  • US Intelligence Heads,

  • Foreign Intelligence Assets (5 Eyes),

  • Foreign Mercenaries

  • Powerful, strategically placed bureaucrats throughout the world

Each one of these players had contingency plans for if somehow, Clinton did not win. It was an insurance policy that no matter what, power would be retained. Not only did they have insurance policies, they had a plan in place to steal the election.

We have the evidence. We damn well know that the Russians meddled with voting machines. We know for a fact that the Russians were orchestrating massive influence by distributing left wing propaganda all over social media. We know that the Clinton Campaign met with Ukrainian and Russian spies for exactly this reason.

See...these people know you better than you know yourself. They do not care what you think or what you believe.

Slaves within a system of magic. For photo credit please visit

You are a slave within their system. They feed you a program and you blindly accept it. If you reject the polarization they give, they feed you the antithesis because they control that side too. Social Media, Mainstream Media, Celebrities, Sports Idols...all played the parts they were supposed to play.

All the information you were subconsciously objected to and consciously fed during the campaigns of the 2016 elections was strategically and covertly given to you so that you would become polarized either to the left or to the right. Not slightly polarized. Incredibly polarized. Emotionally unbalanced to the far extreme.

Their intent was to create massive amounts of polarized chaos, striking the very topics that bring about fear and suffering.

In the Universe, when an unbalance is present, the Universe moves to compensate. The Universe, being a system of process and principles, utilizes the paths of least resistance and effective energy conservation to balance the unbalanced.

When you see this happening in social structures and within peoples lives, that is the signature of Dark Magic at work. Anytime a un-natural unbalance is occurring, Dark Magic is being used.

The strategy of this type of Dark Magic is to create an unbalance within the Universe. At that moment the Universe begins the process to remedy. The paths of least resistance and systems of conserved energy have already been set up through manipulation. Of which, the solution casted by the Dark Magicians start to unfold.

The dark dark magic that plagues the world.

This my friends, is some dark, dark magic...

But Clinton did not win...Trump did.

Trump is a man. He is not perfect. He has many flaws, personally and professionally. He has many skeletons in the closet as well. Many think that they voted for him "to take back their country" or to "drain the swamp". This was never the plan. These were only the phrases organized to polarize you in a certain direction.

There is no "taking back" our country. It has been long gone since around 1913. People like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama do not simply go to jail. They disappear. And I do not mean by hiding.

What you are witnessing right now is an epic battle between the Old World Order and the New World Order. None of which give a shit about you except for your enslavement within their illusory power structure.

They are both fighting to keep CONTROL OF YOU. They are both fighting to keep you IGNORANT. You will not gain one iota of freedom or happiness from either.

Did Trump even realize this?

At first, I doubt it. Now? He knows it clearer than the light of day.

This is an unauthorized sea to air missile launched from a submarine off the coast of Washington State. At the same time Air Force One was flying by. The missile was intercepted by energy weapons on-board an F-16.