Keith Blandford

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Guest: Keith Blandford

Keith Blandford is Running for election to the U.S. House to represent South Carolina's 1st Congressional District 2022.


2010 - Ran for Congress in 2010 as a Libertarian in US District One. This was my first foray into politics. I learned from the Ron Paul Team and participated in every debate up to the General Election. It was actually here that I started to understand the rigged nature of elections.


My wife and I funded and created a movie for the general public. Here is the link: 2012 – Ran as a Republican US District One again with support from the Ron Paul team. Was formally trained at the Mises Institute and studied in Austrian Economics. The goal was to expose the federal reserve system and to educate the people about the Central Banks as much as possible.


This is where I really started to shape my raw thoughts and talent. It became very clear that politicians are just puppets and I literally had trouble holding intelligent conversations with them. 2013 – Quick turn around after Tim Scott was appointed to the Senate. Had a very professional team, but again did not take money as we just could not figure out who were the good guys. By now we had developed real political capital. After the election I was brought into a room and essentially was asked to “make the deal.” Essentially, “we know you are smart; we know you have political capital, you do this for us and we will do this for you.” I immediately stood up and left. That terrified me. I called it quits. I did run one more time for Mayor of Sullivan’s Island, but had no serious intent. 2021 


In January, I started to receive desperate requests to enter the primary against Representative Mace. Her immediate betrayal of President Trump and ideas inconsistent with her constituents were enraging citizens in US District One. I also was asked to run from members of the military community.


I started campaigning early and filed later in the summer. I traveled to Arizona where I walked the Audit floor for my team from South Carolina. I spoke with Dr. Frank in Utah with the Utah Freedom Coalition. I spoke in Virginia and have worked with both Georgia and North Carolina to bring together all the information we could about the November 3rd election. Primarily I am working with the Election Fraud and Audit Committee (EFAC, lead by Laura Scharr. We have worked with expert here in the State of South Carolina and throughout the Nation. We have become subject matter experts in the Election Fraud field and are continuing to gather data about the process every day.


To date we have: • Passed a full forensic audit resolution in 6 County GOPs. This is significant as we are a red state and these audit resolutions are specific. • Made presentation in Counties all over the State, bringing experts in to help the people understand what happened in 2020 and before (Dr. Frank, Seth Keshel, Senator Amanda Chase, etc.) • Working with friendly (and not so friendly) public officials to get ANY correction we can prior to any further elections in SC. • Personally, I filed a pro sec in the 6th District here in Charleston against the mandates. It took them 1 and half years to finally beat me. • A team of us have developed a pro se case here arguing the Constitutionality of the machine (especially as they are not certified). This is complete and will be filed in multiple circuit courts. • We are literally trying anything to restore the vote to the people of South Carolina and the Republic. We know it is an awful fight, but we are all committed.


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