Danielle Neuschwanger

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Guest: Danielle Neuschwanger

Danielle Neuschwanger is running for Governor of Colorado. She was born in Greeley, Colorado, and earned a bachelor's degree from Colorado State University Global in 2015. Her career experience includes owning Wild Buck Realty.



“Firecracker”. Yes, that is the term most often used to describe Danielle Neuschwanger. From an early age her passion and zest for life have not only been contagious to those around her, but also revered as a refreshing delight of energy. She is a self-proclaimed “Out of this world thinker, because let’s face it, the box was too limiting to begin with”, Danielle strives to offer fresh perspectives on all situations. 

Danielle was born in Greeley Colorado and grew up in Longmont Colorado under the influence of grandparents that served in WW2. The middle child of two brothers, Danielle grew up keeping up and competing with the best of them. Often she was found on Sunday’s with her Grandmother helping out with the Women’s Auxiliary or joyfully listening to life stories and passing of wisdom from other veterans at the local VFW.  This is where her deep love of Country and people began.